Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK (GOD Mod) Offline for Android

Shadow of Death 2 Mod

Shadow of Death 2 Mod

Shadow of Death 2: The sequel to the epic Shadow of Death with over 10 million downloads worldwide. Shadow of Death 2 continues the story of Maximus – a warrior with a cleansed memory. He wandered in the dark, fighting demons to bring back light to Aurora – the land he once lived and to rescue the ones he once loved. And now, warriors, are you ready to join Maximus in the next chapter of Aurora? Challenge the enemies, and show them what you’ve got!


Experience brand new combat styles in the tale of Shadow of Death 2! Upgrade your weapons, level up your skill, then beat the enemies off with sassy combos. Attack the dark force with your stylish actions. Show off your skills and let them have the taste of your blades.


Explore the dark fantasy world of Aurora with 6 spanking new maps. More challenges and epic fights are awaiting you in the dark, where you might have chances to meet Leviathan – the mythical dragon with deathly destructive breath!


Confront enormous monsters during your adventure. Get ready to challenge mysterious creatures that seem to stay only in the legends, but they do not! Fight off frog slimes, giant jellyfishes, dragons and more. It’s gonna be the epic 1 vs 100 battle, it’s gonna be fun!


  • Exciting RPG world in your pocket
  • 4 different characters with unique combat styles
  • Customize your heroes with various skins and weapons
  • Play anytime, anywhere in the challenging offline mode
  • Level up the game with online PvP battles



BLOOD TOWER – a brand new Blood Tower shall be available to all.

“Once the beacon of mankind, an illustrious gleaming tower from whence the old king ruled over his kingdom. Now it’s the Blood Tower, enshrouded by darkness. Luring every conqueror come and set their sights to the highest floor treasure. Or into their own madness.”

You will be rewarded for defeating the enemies of each floor. Climb to the top, if there is, and the forgotten treasure is rightfully yours.

Shadow of Death 2 Apk
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