Starlink service has been activated in Ukraine

Musk: Spacex Starlink Service Has Been Activated In Ukraine


On February 27th, according to foreign media reports, on Saturday local time, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov asked Elon Musk for help, hoping that SpaceX can build Starlink Satellite internet ground station to help improve satellite internet access services in Ukraine .

Fedorov tweeted:

“Russia is trying to occupy Ukraine while you are trying to colonize Mars! While your rocket successfully landed from space, Russian rockets are attacking Ukrainian civilians! We ask you to help Ukraine provides Starlink ground stations.”

Conflicts in Russia and Ukraine have caused internet outages in parts of the latter. Through SpaceX, Musk has put thousands of Starlink satellites into Earth orbit and started providing broadband services in some areas. These satellites help transmit vast amounts of information quickly to anywhere on Earth without the need for fiber optic cables. The satellites could provide data links to areas of Ukraine that have lost internet access.

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So far, SpaceX has placed more than 1,700 satellites in orbit, some of which will pass over Ukraine. However, Ukraine has no ground station that can receive Starlink network signals, the nearest ground station is in Wola Krobowska, Poland.

Musk has responded to Fedorov’s request for help on Twitter, writing:

“The Starlink service has been activated in Ukraine, and more user terminals are on the way .”

In addition, Musk responded to a “warning” from Dimitry Rogozin, head of the Russian space agency, and promised that SpaceX would help save the International Space Station.

On Friday, after the U.S. president announced sanctions on Russia, Rogozin tweeted: “If you block cooperation with us, who will save the International Space Station from a runaway derailment to the U.S. and Europe? ? This requires Russian technology and expertise.”

Rogozin added:

“Russian engines control the orbit and position of the space station, and it is possible that this 500-ton facility could also land in India or elsewhere. Do you want to threaten these countries with such a prospect? The International Space Station does not fly over Russia, So all risk is yours. Are you ready?”

Musk joined in at this point, responding to Rogozin with the SpaceX logo. When a Twitter user asked him if that meant SpaceX would stop the ISS from falling to Earth, Musk replied: “Yes.”

Musk: Spacex Starlink Service Has Been Activated In Ukraine

He also responded to another tweet showing that the International Space Station does not have a Russian module, but instead has SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft attached. In response, Musk wrote “good idea.”

The International Space Station is a joint project of 15 countries, including Russia, a partnership that helped keep the ISS in Earth orbit for 23 years. NASA has tried to ease tensions, saying U.S. sanctions on Russia will not affect the operation of the International Space Station.

The agency’s representative explained: “NASA will continue to work with all of our international partners, including Roscosmos, to ensure the continued safe operation of the International Space Station. The new export controls will continue to allow the United States and Russia to cooperate in civil space. , we do not intend to change the agency’s support for ongoing on-orbit and ground station operations.”

In recent years, NASA has been working to reduce its reliance on Russian spacecraft when it comes to sending astronauts into space, and has fully supported Musk’s SpaceX to build launch vehicles and spacecraft.


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