Steps to withdraw money from Forex Trading account

How to withdraw cash on Forex Trading

A lot of Forex trading investors after making good amount of cash find it difficult to access their money from their account because they lack adequate knowledge on how to go about withdrawing money from their account.

This article is a guide to Forex trading investors with descriptive steps in withdrawing from their account on Forex trading.

1. Go the Withdraw page within the ‘My Money’ section in MyFXTM.

2. Select the payment method and tap ‘Withdraw’.

3. Click and Select the MyFXTM account or wallet you wish to withdraw funds from and complete the necessary fields.

4. Click and select the reason for withdrawal and enter the PIN that you usually use to access your account.

5. Afterwards click ‘Submit’.

Note: In order to request a withdrawal your profile should be fully verified. This is the only way to withdraw successful.

Credit: MYFXTM.

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