Toon Blast Mobile Game Review 2022

Toon Blast Mobile Game Review 2022

The developer of Toon Blast described it as the most humorous puzzle game on the market. However, I have spent hours playing the game, and reached high levels without laughing even once. Toon Blast is a typical but quite decent game with its adorable cartoon figures and colorful uncomplicated gameplay.

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The players in Toon Blast can put the blocks up first and then destroy them. Every level in the game demands accomplishing a mission, like removing some colored blocks, destroying them, or bursting bubbles. As the players advance, they get different awards that help break the blocks, like rockets, bombs, and so on. These factors make the everyday game rather strategic and exciting. The players may also choose a certain free bonus in the beginning, and once it is used up, it is possible to buy more using in-app coins.

Being a free-to-play game, it definitely includes in-app purchases. Players can buy coins, for example, to refill lives instead of waiting for some time. However, five lives in the game cost 100 coins, which in turn cost £1.99. And this price is absurd and unjust for five mere attempts in the game! Furthermore, a pack of twelve disco balls, ten life-refills, and eighteen boxing gloves costs £99.99, which could be elected as the worst in-app purchasing offer of all times!

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Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that the Toon Blast does not urge its players to buy any item by any means. Waiting for new lives is not that long, and although the later levels are complicated, they still do not push the players to spend their money. Again, the unworthy prices in Toon Blast prove Peak Games, the developer of the game, greedy and superficial.

The game’s updates back in February 2017 were very fresh. The developers included new levels and new methods to gain coins and bonuses, besides the possibility to quickly form or join teams and participate in global leader competitions. The teams can add up to fifty members who can communicate and exchange coins and lives to help one another.


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