Top 10 Applications to create professional online profile

A key way for creating your personal brand is to create an online reputation, that is, create a virtual space where you include your personal and professional information more relevant.

There are various applications and tools with different prices, features and functionality with which you can create you a professional online profile so that there is no valid excuse for not having one.

Below are top 10 of these applications share aimed afford to have an Internet site where you can add your personal information, experiences, education and other key aspects of your professional life. All these applications offer free and very easy to use versions, it is only a matter of cheer and take a few minutes to create a profile that will impact our employees, partners, customers, etc.

    1. : When it comes to creating a profile on the Internet, certainly is a reference in the subject because it is one of the tools most used and complete. It has a simple editor that in minutes will allow you to have your professional profile ready to share it with anyone you want. An interesting aspect is that offers monitoring tools to view statistics of your profile.
    2. : With this tool you can say goodbye to the traditional curriculum. Thanks to easily and quickly have a sleek, professional and attractive profile. You can incorporate images, graphics, buttons of social networks, etc.
    3. : An application whose added value lies in creating optimized for mobile devices and PC designs. It features a real-time editor that shows you how your profile is becoming as you’re creating. You can add a personal description, the URL of your website, links to social networks, feeds, etc.
    4. : We can create a kind of virtual presentation cards from our pictures on facebook , instagran or our pc. The application offers several attractive and professional templates. It has an iOS version is in beta version for Android, so you can manage your virtual card from your mobile device.
    5. CardBind : It is an application that works as a manager of virtual cards. With CardBind you can create and share your cards, but you can also store cards you receive and easily access them, so you will not have your wallet full of cards. It is still developing an application, but it looks pretty promising.
    6. Sidengo : It is a very interesting tool. Initially it seems only one similar to others that we have described in this list option, but gives us the ability to embed our profile on any website or integrate with our websitefacebook . This page will be optimized for SEO and mobile. You can also review statistics through its integration with Google Analytics.
    7. : It defines itself as the easiest and most elegant way to create your web presence. With Flavors not only have a professional profile but also can manage content such as photos, audios and videos to present a striking appearance.
    8. Zerply : It has few templates in your free choice, but is ideal for those who want to create an online curriculum. You can include information such as your location, education, work experience, interests, abilities and social networking profiles.
    9. VisualCV : Its objective is to enable us to create complete personal pages that can include audio, video and images. It is a fairly comprehensive tool that also allows you to share your profile or generate in pdf for printing.
    10. LinkedIn : I had some doubts about including Today in this list because a certain way all the social networks we create an online profile, but finally LinkedIn is the social network of professional excellence and from that point of view becomes application useful for the modern professional. Not much to say, except that in this network you can have a public profile and also interact with other professionals. A lot of companies around the world use the information aspects Today the area of human talent.
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