Top 10 Best Cheapest MiFi to Buy in Nigeria (2023)

cheapest mifi modems to buy

If you’re looking for the cheapest MiFi devices to buy, here’s an article for you. Check out the best and cheapest MiFi modems in Nigeria. When it comes to internet connectivity, there are different ways we stay connected to the internet, especially in a country like Nigeria, internet connectivity makes the availability of internet providers much.


We have more than 7 Internet Service Providers in this country and most of them have different internet wireless devices that make browsing easy for us a citizen. An example are MiFi devices, we have different MiFi modems in Nigeria.

These MiFi devices are listed in no particular order, it comprises of the best MiFi, universal MiFi, cheapest MiFi and the most expensive MiFi. So if you’re looking for the best budget MiFi device to buy in Nigeria, here’s an article for you. I’ve listed the cheapest MiFi modems to buy in Nigeria.

List of the Best Cheapest MiFi Modems to Buy in Nigeria


1. Spectranet MiFi

Spectranet are amongst the few that offers huge data bundles at affordable rates. When choosing this as your preferred MiFi, you have to be sure which of the MiFi modems you’re picking as Spectranet have different types of MiFi devices to choose from. This includes the Ace MiFi (N23,500), Evo MiFi (N21,500) and Freedom MiFi, nonetheless, since we are only concerned about the cheapest MiFi you can get, then it’s wise to point you in the right direction.

The Freedom MiFi is the cheapest of the pack. It comes with a lot of amazing features which includes multiple user Wi-Fi access to support up to 10 users, comes with a display screen, standard micro USB interface for laptop/PC connection and battery life up to 8Hrs working & 24hrs standby time. The Freedom MiFi cost N17,000 and comes with 45GB + Unlimited Night Browsing + 100% Data Bonus for the first 3 renewals (Renewal on N5000 plan or above).


2. Ntel MiFi

This list won’t be complete without the Ntel MiFi included. Ntel MiFi is said to be one of the best MiFi modems in Nigeria in terms of battery capabilities and unlimited data, Ntel MiFi offers nothing but a fast internet connection and you can use it to download heavy files and it’ll be completed within minutes. This MiFi costs N23,000 and it comes with a free one-month unlimited data.

Ntel MiFi is one of the best MiFi devices you can buy in Nigeria. It’s quite affordable and it lasts long and also browse faster.


3. TP-Link TP-Link M7200

TP-Link M7200 is one of the few MiFi devices from TP-Link. And TP-Link is a well-known Internet Service Provider in Nigeria and their services are one of a kind. If you’re looking for a MiFi device with a good battery and stronger signal coverage. Then TP-Link M7200 is the right choice.

You can get this MiFi device for as low as N27,500 online, and it’s one of the best and the cheapest MiFi devices you can buy in Nigeria.

4. Glo 4G MiFi

GLO 4G MiFi is one of the most affordable MiFi devices in Nigeria and because it’s a known internet device from one of the network giants in the country makes it even more reliable for purchasing. GLO 4G MiFi is fast and also comes with a good battery.

You can get the GLO 4G MiFi for N13,500 from online stores and even physical shops. This device is one of the best MiFi devices you can buy in Nigeria and it also has good data plans that are very affordable.


5. ZTE Universal Mobile MiFi

ZTE Universal Mobile MiFi is a router device that allows using of different sim cards on it and it also features fast internet activities. ZTE devices are more than 5 and they all have different prices placed on them. The lowest you can buy a ZTE Mobile MiFi is N17,000 and the highest you’ll buy one is around 30,000

ZTE Mobile is one of the best and cheapest MiFi devices in Nigeria. It also has a strong battery and can last longer for you to use and browse as you want. Its internet speed is top-notch.


6. Airtel LTE MiFi

For reliable and stable internet connection on the go, Airtel introduced its LTE MiFi to help keep its users online. This MiFi device is one of the fastest and also has different plans you can use on it. It’s quite affordable and you can enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted internet activities.

Airtel LTE MiFi is available for N12,000 on Airtel shop, and you can also get it on other stores for nothing less than N14,000 and it comes with 25GB of free data that’ll last you for 30 days. Airtel LTE MiFi is one of the cheapest MiFi devices you can buy in Nigeria.

7. MTN 4G LTE MiFi

MTN 4G MiFi is another very fast MiFi device in Nigeria and it also comes cheap. MTN MiFi is one of the best MiFi devices out there and you can use it across 10 different users. Its data plans are affordable and it also comes with a long-lasting battery. You can buy this device for as low as N12,000 and you’ll get a free 30GB data plan once you activate it.

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This MiFi is one of the cheapest MiFi devices to buy in Nigeria, it’s fast, affordable and serves for a long period of time. You can get it from the MTN store or other shopping websites in Nigeria.


8. JioFi 4G LTE MiFi

JioFi 4G LTE is a wireless router that allows all Nigerian network sim cards to work on it and it gives a very fast speed when browsing with it. This device is one of the best MiFi devices that I know of, you can buy it online and use it to stay connected to the internet.

You can get JioFI 4G LTE MiFi for nothing less than N10,500 online. It’s one of the cheapest MiFi modems you can buy in Nigeria.

9. Smile 4G MiFi

Smile 4G are one of the best wireless internet service provider in Nigeria and they have some of the best plans you’ll find on a MiFi device. You can get a Smile 4G MiFi at an affordable price and you’ll also get a very nice data subscription alongside it. You can get a Smile 4G MiFi for as low as N14,500 and it comes with a free 30GB of data that’ll last you for a month.

You’ll also get some cool add-ons like free calls and SMS. Smile 4G MiFi has a very strong battery and it’ll last you for hours while you surf the internet at your own comfort. Smile 4G MiFi is one of the best MiFi Modems to buy in Nigeria.



These are the best and arguable the cheapest MiFi modems you can buy in Nigeria. These devices will give you the best internet service that you need. They’re fast and affordable.

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