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Google Chrome is a great browser with a good number of features and extensions that we can use to do practically anything we can think of . Still, no one denies that Chrome also has its flaws, one of them being the great consumption of resources it performs.

What is Chromium?

Chromium is an open source project focused on creating a lightweight and secure browser. Chrome itself is based on Chromium, and being open-source this has allowed other developers to create their own browser from Chromium with unique features aimed at improving privacy, multimedia components or the browser’s own security.

In short, we can say that Chromium is like the base of the cake, where each programmer adds their own “flavors” to get a different dessert, or in this case a browser with unique and differentiated characteristics.

 The best Chromium-based browsers

Although a large majority of Internet users do not go beyond the classic Chrome and Firefox browsers, the truth is that there are a large number of really excellent browsers whose architectures are based on the Chromium engine. These are some of the most remarkable.


Vivaldi is a Chromium-based freeware browser that has been on the market since 2016. It has a minimalist design and a color scheme that changes depending on the page we are visiting. One of its most prominent recent features is that it allows tabs to be grouped into two-level stacks . It offers several customization options for the user interface, as well as full compatibility with Google Chrome extensions.

Download Vivaldi from its official website

Microsoft Edge

Did you know that the default browser in Windows 10 is also based on Chromium? This great adversary of Google Chrome stands out for its clean and crystalline interface, and its facilities for organizing content (saving and grouping pages). It also offers some cool features, such as the ability to take a screenshot simply by right-clicking the mouse.

Download Edge from its official website


The Opera browser has been around for more than two decades, first with the Presto engine, and later with Blink, a navigation engine developed within the Chromium project itself. Opera includes a free VPN , as well as an integrated ad blocker to speed up browsing and access to applications and social networks such as Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger directly from the browser’s sidebar. Also available is a version with gaming functions called Opera GX.

Download Opera from its official website


Brave is an open source project developed by some of Mozilla’s founders. This browser is aimed at avoiding web page tracking by blocking advertising, although with certain ethics (after all, we have to live web pages). What the browser does is offer a reward system that rewards the websites that you visit most frequently by paying them with certain tokens (BAT).

Download Brave from its official website

SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron, or simply Iron, is a browser that gained some popularity when the controversy of data collection by large technology companies began. It is a web browser, therefore, that is mainly focused on eliminating the tracking of use that other browsers such as Google Chrome do. In short, a somewhat “groggy” version of Chrome but with the vast majority of its features.

Download SRWare Iron from its official website


Epic Privacy Browser is an anonymous browser based on Chromium and focused on enhancing user privacy. Every time we close the browser, Epic clears all session data, such as history, cookies, and cache. It also includes a proxy service that can be used at will and that is automatically activated when we use any search engine to make a query on the internet. It is the first web browser developed in India.

Download Epic from its official website  

Opera Neon

Opera Neon is an experimental browser introduced by Opera in 2017. It has a completely futuristic design that uses vertical floating circles instead of the typical horizontal tab bar. It incorporates other interesting functions such as a split screen mode and the possibility of taking screenshots on the fly. It also has a native player to listen to music or watch videos while browsing.

Download Opera Neon from its official website

Comfortable Dragon

Comodo is another browser similar to SRWare Iron, which is also responsible for disabling certain features of Chrome to increase your privacy. Eliminate the Google suggestion bar, bug tracking and user data. Besides that, it incorporates an integrated PDF viewer, Google Translate and Google Safe Browsing. There is also a slightly different version available called Comodo Ice Dragon, intended for fans of Firefox.

Download from its official website


Like Opera Neon, Colibri offers a completely different browsing experience than what we are used to. The browser has no tabs , making the pages load faster and all navigation is centralized from a main panel where the links, lists and feeds of the most visited websites are stored.

Download Colibri from its official website

Avast Secure Browser

Web browser developed by the antivirus company Avast. It is based on Chromium and offers security and privacy oriented functionalities such as a banking mode, webcam watchdog, antiphishing, private mode, protection against extensions and more. A PRO version is also available that includes a built-in VPN service with more than 30 locations to choose from.

Download Avast Secure Browser from its official website

And what do you say, what is your favorite web browser?


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