Top best Camera apps for Android smartphones that increases your photo quality


A low budget android phone’s camera ranges most times Front- 2MP-16MP and the rear 5MP-18MP.Most times our phones do not get to the highest point cause the higher the more expensive.So we go for the cheapest.

The best way to improve or get high camera resolution or shootings is with special camera apps,these apps aren’t like any normal camera app.



Snapchat is a very popular app used by millions of people worldwide, Snapchat has cool features and thrilling experiences cause it’s fun filters.But do you know Snapchat can increase your camera resolution.Now to do this simply download the app from Google playstore then open it,when taking photos use a filter and that will make your photo smoother and much clearer.


2.S9 Camera Pro

Now this is the main thing,this is the most powerful camera app I have seen,I use this till date.The app isn’t like Snapchat.It is a copy of the famous Samsung s9 camera for all phones.The camera has filters,beautify, lots of inbuilt effects and functions.To get the best open the settings and increase everything to the max,and start taking clear cut photos.


3.Camera MX

This is another awesome camera app with lots of effects and functions.


4.Camera FV-5

When talking of professional camera apps,this is the boss.This app designed just like a real camera with iso correction,zoom, flicker remover,loads of functions etc.I recommend this app for you.

There are others apps, but those are the best and  have been tested..

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