Tricolor TV error 4: how to fix

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Some subscribers of the Russian satellite television Tricolor TV are faced with error 4. Error 4 appears on Tricolor TV, as a rule, while flipping through channels on the installed receiver. Users see the following message on their TV screens:

No viewing access.
The TV-radio channel is not broadcast by the
(error 4).

When this problem appears, many people tend to immediately fall into a slight panic and even try to contact Tricolor technical support to clarify the situation for themselves and eliminate the error. However, there is no need for this, since error 4 is an incredibly easy problem to resolve and does not require any technical knowledge from the subscriber.

So, first we need to understand what the fourth code actually means. Error 4 – you switched to a channel that is not included in the service package (selected tariff) Tricolor TV. Actually, this information is given to you in the above message: the TV-radio channel is not broadcast by the operator . In rare cases, error 4 is caused by a malfunctioning receiver software.

There are a few things you need to try to fix error 4.

  • Updating the channel list. The main reason for the error is that the channel is not included in the Tricolor TV service package. It follows from this that you need to return to the channels of your operator and tariff. To accomplish this task, go to  Menu → Search Tricolor;
  • Restarting the receiver. In rare cases, error 4 can be obtained due to some kind of software malfunction, which is treated by an elementary restart of the receiver.
  • Reset to factory settings. Usually, the problem is solved by the above two steps (confirmed in practice by many Tricolor TV subscribers), however, there are cases when they are ineffective. Here comes to the rescue such an option as resetting the receiver to factory settings. It can be done simply:  Menu → Settings → About the receiver → Reset settings . At the end of the reset, you will need to search for the Tricolor channels again, but error 4 should be eliminated.

What to do if Tricolor TV gives error 4 after updating the receiver’s software?

You should also touch on another not the most pleasant situation: this error can appear after updating the receiver’s software. The situation is quite alarming, but nevertheless quite solvable. All you need to do is go to channel 333 and try to update the receiver’s software again. If you could not find a channel with this number, then you will need to update the software using a USB drive and the firmware you need.


Well, if error 4 on Tricolor TV does not lag behind you even after all the recommended actions, then you have a direct road to the service center. Perhaps the situation with this error is much more serious than originally anticipated.

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