Walkthrough QUBE 2 – Chapter 1-2

All bet9ja codes and their meaning

Detailed walkthrough of the first and second chapters of the game QUBE 2

Prologue. Infinitely far away

The prologue of the game does not contain gameplay – watch the cut-scene.

Chapter 1. Forgotten roots

Follow the only path until you climb up the steps. In the next room, you will be able to try out the first gadget for the first time. Blue gloves allow you to create trampolines on white squares. Hover over and click LMB to create a portal. Just stand on it to jump up.

Video walkthrough of the first two chapters

Do the same in the next room – you will need to jump to the inclined slabs through the “Space”.

Next, you will learn about interacting with the red squares. Hover over and right-click to pop out a rectangular block from the red square. It forms a step – jump higher. On the wall to the right, there are three red squares stacked vertically. Pull out the bottom one, jump on it. Jump up and slide out the middle one to position yourself on it. Do the same with the top one, and from there move on.

There will be red and white squares on the right and left. First, look to the left and pull out both red squares at the top. Look to the right, push out any square and create a trampoline on white. Jump up to fly to the red steps at the top of the opposite wall. Create a blue springboard and jump to the other side.

Interact with the red hole on the large bunker to upgrade your gauntlet. You can now use the red glove to create red blocks on white ones. In this case, you cannot create more than one red block, as is the case with trampolines. Use the mouse wheel or the E key to switch between colors.

The same bunker

Walk around the bunker and create a red block on white. Pull it out to use the step and climb higher. Jump higher by creating a springboard.

Go along the corridor, go up using the created red block. Create one springboard on one of the three sloped panels on the left. Look at the opposite wall and see other white squares at the top. Create a red block on one of them and slide it out. Make the springboard opposite it, jump up so as to rest against the block and linger on the central platform. There are white slanted squares here – make a springboard and jump further. This will take you to the elevator going down.

You need to rest against this block

Chapter 2. Ropes

Here you will learn new mechanics. Large blue panels with directional arrows will appear. Hover over the panel and right-click to move the object to which the panel is attached to the side. Do this with the first panel in order to go up on the lift.

In the next room on the right, create a springboard, and on the left, on the large wall, a red block. Pull it out and fly up. Toggle the blue bar to move to the right. Jump over to the central platform.

Do the same in the next room, but this time the wall does not move left and right, but up and down. Climb up, standing on the red block, create a nearby springboard and jump higher.

In the next room, first look to the left and move the wall by hovering over the blue panel and right-clicking. The wall should be on the left, opposite the white squares on the opposite side. Look to the right, make a red block on one of the lower squares and slide it out. Jump onto the block, create a springboard on the inclined slab, but do not rush. Look up to the left at the same wall to see a blue panel. Interact with her to make the wall go up. Now jump onto the springboard and you can fly to the platform on the opposite side.

Next, interact with the blue panel on the nearest wall to move to the side. Go to the step, look to the right again and use the blue panel to lower the wall. Create and extend a red block on it. On the contrary, make a springboard and from it jump onto the red block. Pull up the wall with the blue panel and complete the level.

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