How To Link Amazon Prime To Twitch

Want To Link Amazon Prime To Twitch Here's How To Do It.
Want To Link Amazon Prime To Twitch Here's How To Do It.

Her are quick steps on how to link your Amazon Prime Gaming account to your Twitch account and the benefits it brings along.

If you already have an active Amazon Prime subscription, linking your Twitch account will get you a free Twitch Prime account. For the uninitiated, a Twitch Prime account lets users get their hands on free games and one free subscription to a channel per month.

Also, Twitch Prime users will receive special emotes and unique chat badges. All these unique features come along when you buy a Twitch Prime subscription. However, linking your Prime Gaming account to your Twitch account will unlock these features.

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These steps are fairly simple and do not require one to squander in intricate settings of either Amazon Prime or Twitch Prime. Meanwhile, rather than having a plain streaming experience on Twitch, users with an active Amazon Prime account can get a premium streaming experience by watching Twitch streams.

1. Navigate to Twitchprime in a web browser.

2. Now, scroll down and click on Prime status on Twitch.

3. After that, click on the Try Prime button below, and the next page will lead you to the Amazon Prime sign-in page.

4. Fill in your Amazon Prime account details and click on sign-in.

5. Once signed in, a page will appear asking you to link Twitch and Amazon Prime accounts; click on confirm.

6. Voila, you currently have an active Twitch Prime account and can use any exclusive prime features, including chat badges and emotes.

The next page will take you to the Twitch Prime homepage, where you can claim free Twitch Prime perks and get started with your Amazon Prime linked Twitch channel.

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