Best Sites to download Subtitles for Movies & TV series(English subtitles & other languages)

subtitles for Movies
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subtitles for Movies
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The download of subtitles in English or other languages ​​is essential for many contents that we find on the internet, including films or TV series that we see in their original version.


Thanks to subtitles we can see films or TV series before they are released in our local languages, and even some that are not even dubbed in our country, being able to see the original interpretation and not the one made by a voice actor.


In fact, there are many of us who prefer to see films and TV series in their original version, since in this way we can appreciate the true interpretation of the people who appear on the screen and it is also an exercise that serves to improve the knowledge of that language.

Nor should we forget that many productions do not end up being dubbed, so if you are looking for subtitles for a specific series or movie, we will recommend several websites from which you can download them for free.

Best site to download subtitles for movies and TV series

If you are one of those who do not like series or movie dubbing and therefore prefer to read subtitles, you should know the web pages which are specially designed to help you.

We have given preference to those that offer subtitles in English, but we also include some with English subtitles, because as we said there are many people who use them to practice the language.

We appreciate that they do not require registration to download subtitles and that they allow for advanced or simultaneous searches, giving you accurate results.


OpenSubtitles is one of the best options for downloading subtitles online not only because of their quality but also because of the speed with which they are available. In other words, right after the premiere of a movie or series, you can enjoy the translation.


Best of all, its interface is intuitive and friendly, so it won’t take long to find the subtitles you need.


But if what you are looking for is subtitles for television seriesTVubtitles is one of the best alternatives we can offer you. Within this site, you will find many translations of the most popular programs (and also of the lesser-known ones) with a simple search.

Besides, you can also share your subtitles with other users. Of course, remember that you can only do this if they are translations of series or television shows.

Subscene offers one of the best user experiences on the international stage. Entering, we find the most popular subtitles and we also find the official subtitle tracks obtained from the streaming platforms or the official Blu-rays, if any.


Addic7ed is one of the largest in the world in terms of translating original subtitles. The team takes care of putting subtitles on movies and series of all kinds, regardless of whether they don’t have them by default, whatever the language or regardless of their source (for example, if they’re only available in theaters). English subtitles are usually the fastest to update, but they have a huge database.


Podnapisi is an international website that also has a multitude of subtitles in English, but we also find many in other languages. Unfortunately, subtitles are added quite late, although if the subtitles you’re looking for are from older content, you might be in luck.


This time it is a site focused on subtitles for movies that we can find in English, French, and many other languages. The interface or design of YifySubtitles is much more thoughtful and modern than that of most of these types of sites and in addition, it makes searching for subtitles by genre, category, title, etc. much easier.

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