What can you do with Adobe Creative Cloud?

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Almost everyone knows the name Adobe. In addition, Adobe’s best-known product, Photoshop, has become so well-established that photo shopping is a commonly used expression. In fact, this word is simply in the Van Dale!

Photoshop or photoshop

Photoshop is the absolute number one application for image editing. There are few people who do not know the software package. As mentioned, this resulted in a mention in the Van Dale. The “Great Dictionary of the Dutch Language” has Dutchened the word and therefore does not speak about photoshopping.

The Photoshop software itself has been around since 1990, but has changed beyond recognition in those more than thirty years. By now, Adobe Photoshop has so many features that you almost have to be a rocket scientist to get the most out of it. Fortunately, the power of Photoshop is also that you can get started with it quite easily as a relative layman. It is still possible to make a large expense once, but you can also download Adobe Photoshop with a monthly or annual subscription.

Edit with AI and Neural filters

If you want to participate a bit, it is almost necessary to integrate AI. Thanks to modern machine learning you can achieve very cool results. Adobe uses the AI ​​for its Neural filters, which let you quickly adjust photos and give them a whole new dimension.

Just back

Adobe has been around for years, since 1982. In fact, since the advent of the personal computer, they have become an integral part of our digital life. That started with Postscript, with which they mainly reached printers and the world of DTP (desktop publishing). Later, PDF was added, which stands for Portable Document Format. I think anyone over the age of 35 will think back to Adobe Acrobat Reader with mixed feelings. Essential for opening and editing PDF files, but not always the nicest software out there. And that is still mildly expressed. Fortunately, those times are over!


Later came Adobe Flash, which brought a boom in online animations. Suddenly it was possible to integrate moving images and interactive navigations on a website. That was unique, because the available bandwidth in 1996 was not exactly something to write home about. Thanks to the Flash format and the vectors it worked with, that was suddenly possible. A vector is basically nothing more than a line going from A to B. This can be straight, but also in a curvature. That way you can easily create an animation that takes up much less bytes. Want to get started with vectors yourself? Then you can download Adobe Illustrator . With this you can draw vector-based illustrations in no time.

Adobe Lightroom

Editing photos is of course the most important feature of Photoshop, but there are now other and easier tools for that. Adobe also participates in this. For example with Lightroom, an app that is purely aimed at photographers.

It all works very simply. A matter of downloading Adobe Lightroom , connecting your camera and importing your photos. You can then choose to save it in Adobe Creative Cloud, but this is not a requirement. Now you can get started and have access to a whole arsenal of tools to quickly adjust your photos. Especially when you use a good camera and shoot your images in RAW, a tool such as Lightroom is essential for post-processing of, among other things, white balance and color grading.

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