What does the acronym ‘WMG’ mean in YouTube videos?

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Record companies are responsible for producing the music that is heard around the world. These productions are private property that should not be used lightly, as there are companies behind that can claim the use of them. Therefore, here we will see what the acronym WMG of one of these companies means, it also explains why an error appears on YouTube when using content from this company.

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  1. What are the record labels in charge of the videos on YouTube?
  2. What is the true meaning that when uploading a video you get the error ‘This video is no longer available …’?
  3. What other discographies stand out among the most popular songs on YouTube?
    1. Sony Music Entertainment
    2. Universal Music Group

What are the record labels in charge of the videos on YouTube?

WMG is the acronym that make up the name of the discography Warner Music Group. Which is a United States record label . A record label for its part is a company that makes music recordings and then takes care of the marketing and distribution of said song.

A large part of YouTube videos, especially those that contain music and artists singing, contain the stamp of this brand. This seal or symbol represents that the song and / or the artist belong to the Warner Music company. Therefore, you must be very careful when using these properties so as not to infringe any copyright.

What is the true meaning that when uploading a video you get the error ‘This video is no longer available …’?

On some occasions, when you upload a video to YouTube, you may get the error this video is no longer available. Similarly, on some occasions the ad may appear, this content is the property of Warner Music Gloup or WMG. This happens when proprietary music is placed within videos.

The reason for the error is that the song is copyrighted. In other words, the company owns the rights to use, commercialize and distribute that specific content. Therefore, to use that content, you must ask for a special permission, make a payment to buy the possibility of using it or mention the company that owns the rights.

This situation occurs shortly after the video is uploaded. Well, the YouTube platform has an algorithm that detects content that is copyrighted and is always looking for this type of infringement. So there is no need for the WMG company to make a formal claim because the algorithm does the job quickly.

Copyrights and copyright apply to a large amount of content. For example, we have been talking about songs and music, but it also happens with movies, series and even images that belong to large companies. The violation that is detected causes the video to be removed immediately and cannot be viewed by anyone.

In the case of repeatedly resorting to copyright infringement, YouTube can fine you with a significant financial amount. We recommend you visit the following article to find out how and where to look for music without copyright to put in the videos and in this way avoid these errors and problems with YouTube from appearing.

What other discographies stand out among the most popular songs on YouTube?

The Warner Music Group is not the only company or record label working with YouTube to protect copyrights. In fact, most discographies seek to have agreements with large companies, brands and networks to protect the property of their singers, writers and the company itself. In this sense, let’s meet two very popular groups in this type of procedure. You can use YouTube Studio to not activate the copyright of any record company.

Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music as it is known or SM for its acronym is another of the important record companies in the United States. This belongs to the technology and television company Sony that was founded in 1929. Within Sony Music you can find all the music made by the Sony company and its allies such as Columbia Records, Epic Records as well as an immense group of artists who they work for company. Therefore, if you use a song from one of these, or from Sony, you will get the error mentioned above.

Universal Music Group

Universal Music Group, (UMG) is one of the three largest record companies in the United States. It is a subsidiary of the French group Vivendi, this company has 87 years of foundation , since it was created in 1934. The music of the Argentine artists Lali and Tini is registered within this company. You must be careful because even if you put the music of these artists in the background , the algorithm can detect it.

Likewise, the Colombians Sebastian Yatra, Karol G, J Balvin, Juanes, Camilo and the band Morat can be listed. Among the Spaniards who have music and songs in this company are Camilo Sesto, Cepeda and David Bisbal . Austin Mahone, Billie Eilish, Billy Cirus, Demi Lovato, Drake Bell, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Nick Jonas and many others stand out among the American artists of this company.

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