What Is Metaverse;Why might it change the world?

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The big news in the IT industry in the past is inevitable that Facebook has changed its company name to “Meta” to convey the new future of Facebook that is entering the world of Metaverse , Mark Zuckerberg revealed. note that It will be a new chapter in the internet world. And it will be a new chapter for the company, but what exactly is the Metaverse? Why is this a new and exciting chapter in the internet world? And how will it change the world? This article has the answer.

What exactly is the Metaverse?

Metalverse is a concept of a futuristic world inspired by the science fiction Snow Crash  from Neal Stephenson  that has inspired many IT companies. The novel references a digital world that can be accessed through Virtual Reality (VR) technology, which the concept has been adapted into movies such as The Maxtrix and Ready Player One.

Metaverse is a combination of meta (from beyond = beyond, beyond, beyond) + verse (from universe = universe, world), referring to technology that will allow us to enter another universe. of the real world through some VR-like devices that we use to play games today. but above that can do more And do it more realistically, whether it’s working, watching a concert, shopping online, watching a movie in the theater, or hanging out with friends.

In the Metaverse world where Meta (Facebook) is developing There will be something called “Horizon World,” a space that allows users from around the world to meet in Avatar form using the Oculus Quest device. Horizon World will be broken down into. ” Horizon Home”,  which is like a user’s home. We can invite friends to our home in the Metaverse world to watch movies together, play games together. Do fun activities or even talk in person through Messenger. It’s not the VR world we’re used to, but it’s a VR world that makes us feel more like the real world.

Another branching out of Horizon Home is “Horizon Workrooms,” or virtual workspaces. To make working from anywhere in the world like working in the office. We can enable essential work applications like Slack to discuss work content with our team members, to Dropbox that gives us instant access to the files we need to work without leaving the world. virtual.

In addition to the Oculus Quest, which is the key to the Metaverse portal, another development alongside the “Cambria”  is hardware that includes motion sensors, proximity sensors, and sensors. to technologies that will help express the user’s identity in the Metaverse world more realistically, such as facial expressions, body gestures, expressions, eye movements, user movements to the interaction of objects to make everything look even more realistic.

Another thing that takes realism to the next level is the ” Presence Platform,”  which helps the touch of virtual things to be connected to the real world. in the real world and press the note slowly flowing down which is visible in the virtual world Makes practicing playing the piano easier.

Why has the Metaverse suddenly become something to watch?

Virtual reality or VR is a technology that has been with our world for many years. But most of them are mainly used in the game world. With the releases of products like the Oculus Rift to Sony’s PlayStation VR, the vast majority of meetings between people in the VR world now take place in restricted areas (such as the game area). But the Metaverse that Meta is developing is different because it’s a whole virtual world where we have the freedom to live our own lives, whether it’s working, playing games, etc. meeting with friends

Facebook clearly announced that The company is moving into the Metaverse era, making it even more interesting because Facebook is the dominant platform for “Connecting the World” with tools that help us stay up to date with news, update friends and family statuses, communicate in text and video, and also tools for companies in the business. and advertising, now known as Facebook as a platform for communication in the Internet era has already created a small world in my hand

And it’s important not to forget that Facebook now has more than 2.89 billion active users worldwide ( according to Statista, Q2 2021 ) out of a total global population of 7.87 billion ( according to data from Statista in Q2 2021 ). Worldpopulationreview.com ), which means that if Facebook can pull the whole world into the Metaverse, it makes a great virtual world is not the real world that has it. Facebook has also developed features that can be applied to the virtual world of the future, such as Marketplace that allows us to trade on Facebook, video calls through Messenger, Pages that help the company. And organizations can easily promote, advertise and do business online, to Messenger Rooms that make it easy for users to have remote meetings.

How will the Metaverse change the world?

read here Many of you should begin to understand the concept. And the greatness of the Metaverse, of course, the coming of the Metaverse will change the way of life. And it works just like Facebook is now. This will help open up many new business worlds, whether.

changing work

As we said, Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse world includes what is known as the Horizon Workplace, a virtual office. It has all the tools you need for professional work. In the future, we may see companies recruiting staff in the Metaverse world. All jobs can be done in the Metaverse world. No need to waste time traveling to the office. Can easily meet face to face to the point that there may not be any need for an office building anymore.

changed learning

In addition to working Another thing that might change in the Metaverse era is teaching. Although we are now exposed to online learning. But there are still limitations in interaction because we can’t interact with friends or teachers during online classes as much. But in the Metaverse world, it is easier to do activities with friends at school, such as playing sports. Teachers can teach. Necessary subjects can be easily interacted with.

Studying in various subjects will also provide tools that help promote the content for children to understand and understand, such as taking a look at historical sites in a virtual world. Or science experiments that don’t require lab tools, etc., so learning is not limited to studying in the classroom. or online learning It is an openness to education that the real world cannot offer.

Changing online sales

The Metaverse world will greatly open up the possibilities of online merchandising. Because if we can 3D scan a product into the Metaverse world, consumers will be able to try out the product without having to leave the house. because we can see that What does that piece look like? What is the actual proportion? and suitable for our use or not In the future, live sales may not be just about setting up a camera to shoot products via mobile phones. Rather, it is that consumers are able to capture the real goods. Try it out for real before placing an order.

New businesses that have changed

The Metaverse world is also open to many new businesses such as real estate. Maybe build a beautiful house in Horizon Home and sell it to buyers interested in the Metaverse world, NFT trading that this time is not just buying. But we can also bring purchased NFTs to decorate your home in the virtual world. Or take a character Avatar and trade speculation with others, opening a convenience store. where users can walk in to choose products in the virtual world and ordered them to be delivered to your home in the real world. until the opening of the market or department store that gathers shops in the virtual world to be in the same source, etc.

changing finances

One of the things to keep an eye on when Metaverse arrives is finance. If anyone remembers, it was previously reported that Facebook plans to launch a digital token known as Diem in 2021. well known Cryptocurrency or Cryptocurrency It is a strong trend in this era. It is certain that trading in the Metaverse world may require the use of cryptocurrencies in order to trade goods. to various services mainly because Cryptocurrency It is characterized by transparency. Able to check the financial path and being decentralized which is not controlled by any agency which is said to be very suitable for the modern world

Although it will be a while before we see the Metaverse take on a whole new world like in the movies. But it’s not something that seems so far-fetched. Because at present, various technologies, whether it is AR or VR, have been developed for quite some time. And quite ready to be the key to opening the way to a new world and Mark Zuckerberg himself took this project seriously to the point that It plans to invest more than $10 billion in Facebook Reality Labs (approximately 330 billion Thai baht) to develop a dedicated Metaverse project. if internet It is the invention that connects the world. The Metaverse is what connects the world with the new world.

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