Whatsapp cool features and how to download

WhatsApp is a free mobile chatting application and is currently the most used software for instant messaging on the mobile platform. WhatsApp offers its users the ability to chat, send voice notes, pictures and videos to other users amongst others.

How To Download WhatsApp


Downloading and Installing WhatsApp on your phone requires you to go to Google’s playstore on your android phone, or the apps store of your phone to download the software. Using the search box, search for WhatsApp. Alternatively, you could go to www.whatsapp.com on your mobile browser and click on download now.

After downloading, you are required to fill in your mobile number, which is then verified by sending an sms to your phone, after verification you are required to enter a username and if you desire a profile picture. Once that is done, you can start chatting, the beauty about the WhatsApp application is that it automatically lists out all the mobile numbers in your phone that are on WhatsApp and you can send an instant message to any of them.


Features Of WhatsApp

The features of WhatsApp are discussed below.

1. Chatting

Chatting allows you send instant text messages and receive immediate reply.When you send a message, it shows a tick to show the message has been sent, once the message is delivered, a 2nd tick appears in front of the message to signify it has been delivered. Both ticks further change from grey to blue colour once the message has been read by the recipient. This helps you not to only know when the message is sent and delivered by also when it has been ready by the intended recipient.

2. WhatsApp Voice Notes

WhatsApp also allows you send voice notes in a situation where you are too lazy to type or you want to hear the voice of the person you are chatting with, you could record a voice note directly from the app or you could request for one from the person you are chatting with. You hold down the microphone button in front of the textbox (the place you type your messages) and you say whatever you want to send, then you release the button and it immediately uploads and send to the other user.

3. WhatsApp Multimedia

WhatsApp allows you to send multimedia files either from your gallery or after creating a new one directly from the app. To send a multimedia file from the gallery, you go to the attach button and select gallery, it shows you where you can select picture, video or audio file, once you select, it shows you a preview screen and if it is the correct file, you press send. You also have the option of creating a new one by clicking on attach, then select from camera for pictures and then you can snap a new picture and send immediately.

4. WhatsApp Group Chatting

WhatsApp offers you the ability to create a group on WhatsApp, the group could be a list of your classmates, close friends, colleagues at work, etc. From options, you select create group, give the group a name and add members. Once you send a message to the group, it is broadcasted to all the group members and any reply from any of the member is also seen by all other members.

5. WhatsApp E-mail Conversation

It is also possible to backup chats that are important to you to your email so that, in the cast that, youmisplaced your phone, format your phone, or after the message is no more available on your whatsapp application, you can still have access to it. You go to options, more, email conversation, then select if you also want it to attach with the media files (pictures, audio and video sent by both of you during chats) or not, then you select an email client (gmail, yahoo, or the email client you want to use to send it), then you enter the email address to send to and press send.

6. WhatsApp Blocking

WhatsApp also allow you block any user you don’t want to chat with anymore

To block a contact:
  1. Open WhatsApp and go to your Chats screen.
  2. Tap the Menu Button > Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked Contacts. This page displays all contacts that you have blocked.
  3. Tap the Add blocked contacts icon in the top right.
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