Top Best 10 Free WhatsApp Status Saver Apps For Android

WhatsApp Web Stickers: Now You to create custom stickers

WhatsApp Web Stickers: Now You to create custom stickers

WhatsApp Status Saver is now common among users. We have so many of them on Google Play Store offering us similar features but in the end, may end up hanging because there are no more updates. Since these apps allow us to easily save any status within 24 hours interval, they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. So instead of asking that contact to share that funny video on their status, you can quickly go to your status saver app and saved it on your device.

You can also share that status directly with your contacts. In this post, we will be showing you the best WhatsApp Status Saver you can use on your Android phone.

1. Status Download and Status Saver

All Status Saver For Whatsapp Status Downloader

This is a free application that is available on the Play Store. It allows you to download videos and images from WA Business, Parallel Space, Instagram Post, Instagram Story, Facebook Video, and even TikTok Video. It has a clean user interface and also features Auto Save and notification for a new status.


2. Status Saver for WhatsApp

This is also another good app with the same features as the one above. It has a neat user interface with other good features. You can even change the Download location, Notification, Auto Save, Night mode, and themes as well.


3. Status Saver: Status Download for WhatsApp

Save Whatsapp Status Android Gallery

This is a lightweight app with over 1 million downloads on Google Play Store. It has a simple user interface and you can download WhatsApp status Videos and Images as well. If you don’t have enough space on your device, then this lite version of WhatsApp Status Saver is your best bet.


4. Status Saver – Image and Video

This is another good app on the list. One thing I like about the app is the simple and easy-to-use interface. Although it does not have many features, it surely does its job well.


5. Status Saver – Pic/Video Downloader for WhatsApp

This is one of the best apps so far. It allows users to download and save WhatsApp Status on their device. It has a nice UI design and it’s simple and beautiful. It also has support for WhatsApp business and GBWhatsApp.


6. Status Saver – Download and Save Status for WhatsApp

One good thing about this app is that it features AutoSave WhatsApp status. Apart from this, there is nothing too special. Just that it has support for downloading status from apps like WhatsApp Business or Parallel Space.

7. Status Saver

Best Whatsapp Status Saver Apps Android

Status Saver is a good Android app with a clean UI and it’s easy to navigate. It allows users to easily download WhatsApp status images and videos. You can also download free stickers using the app. Just as a reminder, it comes with ads that can be annoying.


8. Status Saver – Downloader for WhatsApp

Download Whatsapp Stories Android

This is another good app that you can use to download WhatsApp Status. It comes with ads support which you can remove by purchasing the app. It’s affordable though, so you can easily do away with the ads.


9. Status Saver 2021 – Status Video Downloader

This app is nice just that it has annoying ads. It shows lots are ads compare with other apps. Apart from that, this is one of the good apps we recommend.


10. All Status Saver for WhatsApp

This Status Saver app works perfectly but doesn’t come with any special features. Also, the app loading time is somehow slow and it also contains many ads. The good thing is that you can use the app to download both WhatsApp videos and images.



Do you also know that you can still save and download WhatsApp Status on your smartphone without any app?. Well, it’s possible and we have already covered a post on how to save WhatsApp Status on an Android phone.

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