Where to buy Shark Cards for GTA Online?

We reveal all the types of Shark or Shark Cards that exist, which are available and how to buy them to get GTA Online dollar money.


  1. How and where to buy Shark Cards for GTA Online?
  2. Prices and types of Shark Cards for GTA Online
  3. Warning and beware of hacks and scams

In GTA Online there are integrated purchases within the game through which we can spend our real money to obtain, in exchange, dollars in our character’s account. This works through Shark Cards , also known as Shark Cards (after the company that makes and sells them).

These credit cards increase our available balance and allow us to access desired content much faster than we would simply earn money for various activities . If you are thinking of getting Shark Cards, you will be interested in knowing the types that exist , what their prices are and where to buy them for GTA Online.


How and where to buy Shark Cards for GTA Online?

Since Shark Cards are the official “premium currency” of GTA Online to acquire game money in exchange for real money, you should know that you can buy these types of cards within your game , while you are playing, or through the official platforms from suppliers.

This means that Shark Cards are available for purchase through the PS Store on PlayStation consoles, the Microsoft Store on Xbox consoles, or via the Internet on the Social Club, Steam or Epic Games Store website for PC players, for example. . Some collaborating and specialized stores also sell Shark cards, such as GAME in Spain .

How to buy Shark Cards on consoles

  • From a GTA Online Freemodesession , press the Start button.
  • In the pause menu, navigate to the Storetab (Xbox Games or PlayStation Store).
  • Select this section. Then highlight the Money option, within the Categories tab.
  • Go into the pasta cardoptions .
  • The purchase will begin and a purchase confirmation menuwill open to complete the operation.
  • The GTA dollars you have purchased will be automatically depositedinto your character’s GTA Online bank account.

How to buy Shark Cards on PC

  • Launch GTAV and at any point after the game has loaded the main menu, it opens the Social Club menu, which is tied to the Home key by default.
  • Choose the “Store” tab.
  • Select the Shark card you want to buy.
  • Select the payment methodto complete the purchase.

Remember, before making purchases, that no platform allows refunds for the purchase of Tiburon cards.

Prices and types of Shark Cards for GTA Online

Rockstar has for sale a total of 6 levels or types of shark cards that we can buy to get GTA dollars. As is logical, these levels go from lowest to highest amount both in cost and direct benefits.

These are the GTA Online Shark cards available to buy and their prices:

  • Red Shark Card:for 2.49 euros (gives you 100,000 GTA dollars).
  • Tiger Shark Card:for 3.99 euros (gives you $ 200,000 GTA).
  • Bull Shark Card:for 7.49 euros (gives you $ 500,000 GTA).
  • Great White Shark Card:for 14.99 euros (gives you 1,250,000 GTA dollars).
  • Whale Shark Card:for 37.99 euros (gives you 3,500,000 GTA dollars).
  • Megalodon Shark Card:for 74.99 euros (gives you $ 8,000,000 GTA).

It should be noted that during some special events, Rockstar may charge an extra percentage to bonuses for a limited period of time . The prices that we have attached are those that correspond to the euro currency in Spain (in each country it is the equivalent in its local currency).

Warning and beware of hacks and scams

We want to spend a few words highlighting an issue . Aside from the methods outlined above, there are no other “easy” or “official” ways to get Shark Cards in GTA Online, no matter how much they try to make you believe otherwise.

In this regard, we would like to communicate, as we usually do for games that have integrated purchases, that you take the following into consideration :

  • Beware of possiblehacking scams on the net.
  • Do not take unnecessary risks and be careful with whom you share yourpersonal data .
  • If it is not through the game store or trusted distributors, do not buy Shark Cards or trust alleged offersof the same that you see online.
  • If someone, be it a person, web or application, offers Shark Cards cheaperthan their original price or for free, and it is not through a special and official promotion from Rockstar Games or a collaborator, it is better not to risk it.
  • In cases of scam you could be banned or even worse, fraudulent use of your account and / or credit cardcan be made and you may find yourself in trouble, you are the final responsible, be very careful.

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