Where to go after getting the grab beam

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If you’ve played Metroid Dread, you may have traveled the planet ZDR wondering where to go next. Once you’ve acquired a new item or skill, other avenues will open up for you and it can be overwhelming. One of those game points is after getting the Hookshot Beam. If you feel lost, we have you covered. Here’s where to go after getting the Grapple Beam in Metroid Dread .

Where to go after getting the grab beam

After acquiring Hookshot Beam in Artaria, your next destination is a new location called Ferenia.

Exit the room where you obtained this item by taking out the block and then opening the door with your new Grapple Beam. Then use the clamp to swing towards the door directly from the opposite side.

Go up to the next room using the grappling hook to reach the magnetic walls. Skip the first door and continue to the highest door in the room.

Take the elevator in this room next to Dairon. Remove the Grab Block and bring the Transform Ball Transport to the highest point in the next room. Enter the EMMI area found here on the left.

You will probably want to defeat some of the enemies here to make your life easier. Once it’s safe, use the flat platform to break the Speed ​​Booster blocks directly above where you entered that area to exit.

This will put you on the right path to enter Ferenia; just keep following that room until you get to the elevator to the new area. Make sure you have enough health and missiles for this part of the game.

That’s all you need to know where to go after getting the Grapple Beam in Metroid Dread . Be sure to check back here at dlprivateserver for more tips and tricks for the game.

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