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Tier 6 French light tank review: history of creation, game characteristics, tactical tips


The AMX 12t is a Tier 6 French light tank. Many have already noticed that in patch 9.18, light tanks of the sixth level suddenly improved their characteristics. Our hero was no exception – they rebalanced the battles, added dynamics, improved the stabilization of the weapon. As it turned out, this is quite enough for the tank to sparkle with new colors. Naturally, it was not without Serb’s “nerf file”, who gives with one hand and takes with the other. The number of shells in the drum was cut, the car became more blind. Is it worth investing in this LT branch? Actually, now we will understand.

Historical reference

After the end of World War II, the French tank building school was faced with the need not only to restore the past, but also to develop the new. The old schemes of heavy infantry and light cruiser tanks proved unsuitable for the dynamically changing modern battlefield. To their credit, they really took a step forward by issuing really breakthrough projects that had a great impact on the entire post-war tank building.

To begin with, they sawed down the ARL 44 , as the prototype of the main battle tank. Its development began in 1938, but the prototype did not survive due to the invasion of the Germans. As soon as France was liberated, the first sample immediately came off the stocks. They wanted to produce 300 vehicles, but only 60 were built, since the tank included the main defects of pre-war tanks – it was bulky and slow. It became clear that to begin with, a light reconnaissance tank was needed, which the ground forces lacked so much.

And here the developers broke the template, issuing a 12-ton vehicle with a unique loading mechanism and an oscillating turret at that time. As soon as the first copy left the factory gates, it was immediately sent to the landfill. Everything new inevitably suffers from “childhood illnesses”, is not immune from errors in the design of the structure. All the shortcomings of the product were immediately identified and became the basis for creating a real legend – AMX 13 . In particular, a unique turret and revolver-type drum migrated to this tank.

Testing at the proving ground

Game characteristics

In World of Tanks, the “cricket” was originally a vulture that sat in ambushes, and then jumped out and poured 800 HP of damage. Now his role has led to a more classic for LT – reconnaissance and flanking. Let’s consider its characteristics in the context of the game:


About the armor of the “cockroach” can only be said with a saying: “Twelve tons – French cardboard.” In fact, it does not exist. More or less something looms only in the forehead of the case – 50 mm at an acute angle. But you will fly there only after rain on Thursday. The front of the tower is only 30 mm, and on the sides there is a 20 mm sheet of paper. Therefore, it is quite easy to swat an insect with a land mine slipper, which many use with success. According to statistics, the main arrivals in LT are on the sides, since the fireflies try to move perpendicular to the shelling. The tall silhouette only adds to the fear for your skin. Even the durability decent for a light tank does not save – 580 hit points. Hence, your main defense is high speed and straight arms.


We have two guns – the stock 75 mm SA49 and the top 75 mm SA50 . Only one thing can be said about the first weapon – it is like a stepping stone to the top one. According to its performance characteristics, the barrel either repeats, or even worse than the follower. Even the number of shells in the drum is the same – four. Except for one parameter – rate of fire. The drum of the stock cannon takes only 16 seconds instead of 20. But this is clearly not enough to leave it on the car after learning the SA50 .

What can you tell about the 75 mm SA50 ? Armor penetration with a basic shell is 144 mm. At the sixth level, there is usually enough, and where not enough, sabot calibers with 202 mm armor penetration will come in handy. Average damage fluctuates around 135 HP, which with a rate of fire of eight rounds per minute gives DPM around 1080 HP. Aiming in the region of 2.5 seconds is the norm for LT.

The downside of the gun is its accuracy (the spread is 0.4 per hundred meters), but still, very often you will fire on the move. The vertical aiming angles were adjusted to minus six (before it was minus four), and now you can comfortably shoot from the hills and take advantage of the unevenness of the landscape. There are not always enough shells in the ammunition load – 36 pieces. Therefore, it is not recommended to shoot at sparrows.


When there is no hope for armor, our only defense is mobility! The top-end AMX B 272 engine produces 330 hp. with., which with our maximum weight of 13.5 tons allows you to accelerate to 60 km / h. This is one of the best indicators in the game! The AMX 12 t 2e prototype tracks increase payload by just over a ton and turn by two degrees per second. The turret rotates at 44 deg / s, while the top tracks produce 38 deg / s. Spinning this tank up is quite a challenge.

Discovery and communication

The French SCR 528F radio is one of the best in its class and maintains communication at 750 meters, which is quite good for the sixth level. The view, despite the classification of the light tank, is not very good – 360 meters. However, this is offset by excellent invisibility – 31.5% standing or moving! If you stand in the bushes under camouflage and netting, you can remain undetected throughout the game.

Bleeding and equipment

What’s the best way to learn the AMX 12t ? No matter how hard you play on the predecessor AMX ELC bis , you won’t get any adjacent modules. This is understandable – they are essentially different prototypes, from different classes. Therefore, you will have to swing from scratch. First, we pump out the caterpillars for free experience. Then we spare no effort and pump the engine – it will pay off with your best survivability on the battlefield. After that, it is quite possible to splurge on a new radio station for a comfortable game. And only in the last place we take the cannon, since damage is no longer your main priority.

Our compact building is inhabited by three tankmen, possibly even with a dog. First, all the “Disguise”, then discard the commander and put the “Sixth Sense”. At the second level, all the “Combat Brotherhood”, which will greatly increase all available and important characteristics, such as vision, camouflage and movement. At the third level, the commander is required to pump “Eagle Eye”, for a better view, or “Jack of all trades”, to replace the retiring crew members; the driver should study the “King of the off-road” to make it easier to navigate soft terrain; for the gunner, who combines the duties of the loader, we take the “Vindictive” in order to prolong the moment of “lightning”.

As for the special equipment, here it is worth choosing an option with an emphasis on active light: “Improved ventilation”, “Vertical beam stabilizer” and “Enlightened optics”. Given the natural excellent invisibility of the “cricket”, it is quite possible to do without a camouflage net. You can choose your own setup to suit your individual playing style. There is also advanced special equipment, but it is only available for booms. If you are a “rich Buratino”, then I recommend splurging on “Adjusted Optics”, which gives 12.5 percent to the radius of view.

We place the following consumables: “Manual fire extinguisher”, “Small first aid kit”, “Large repair kit” (+15 to repair). The engine burns very rarely (15%), so instead of a fire extinguisher it is quite possible to take “Strong coffee” or “105 octane gasoline”.

There is also a slot for “Pre-battle instructions” (for equipment and crew) for bonds. They are earned only in ranked battles, so only working tanks, most often rolled out of the hangar, should be pumped up with instructions. For the AMX 12t, it is best to take the modifiers: Optics Calibration (+ 2.5% to view), Terrain Shelters (improves camouflage) and Concentration on the Target (improves the Vindictive skill).

Whichever side you come from – good tanchik

Tactics tips

The AMX 12t has moved from being a vulture to being a classic mobile LT.

Previously, the whole tactic consisted of hanging in the bushes with “horns” and shooting at light. Then you could make a short excursion, drain your drum for six shots in a fast “carousel”, and return to the camper position again. The developers looked at this and decided that there are too many Custodroths, and besides, there is a whole class of PTs that only do this. Light tank – must move and shine. As a result, the “cricket” was cut off the view, reduced the drum by two shells, added power to the engine, improved the stabilization of the gun and threw degrees on the elevation angles. Oddly enough, it did the car good.

Now you have to break the established pattern and return to active action at the forefront. First, you need to study the map and determine the main lines of the primary light. Move forward at a pace and make the first circle, scanning the advancing enemy grouping. If you ran into an enemy “firefly”, then you should not try to kill him, as it was before. Just go to your own, shooting on the go and luring under the allied guns. Show more tact by removing the rough impudence.

Then find a good position either at the leading edge in the bushes or in the second line where the enemy’s main core is expected to advance. Shoot the drum and wait for the moment when enemy scouts and in general everything fast moving will merge in attacks of deerism. This happens already in the first half of the battle. After that, you assess the situation on the map with the eyes of a strategist and move to where your help will be especially critical. This is usually a merging flank. Set up an ololo rush and attack the aggressors from behind to distract your allies from the analysis, then hide behind the folds of the terrain on the CD.

Flanking should be repeated according to the situation, until the opponents are completely analyzed. Sluggish PTs will be especially tasty for your merry “carousel”. Make deceptive maneuvers, forcing them to turn their sharpenings in the wrong direction and suddenly attack from behind cover. When the flank collapses, rush into the resulting breakthrough and get acquainted with various kinds of custodians – tank destroyers and artillery. The latter will not be able to do anything against the “cockroach” and will quickly fall into insignificance. Self-propelled tank killers are much more dangerous, but they can simply be highlighted for your art or other hunters, while remaining out of reach.

If by this time the battle is not over yet, you can visit the other flank to try to fill the damage there as well. Be sure to cover your base, as only by that time you will have the necessary mobility in order to return in time and knock down the capture. When things get really bad and all colleagues have merged, you can arrange an endurance race, with shooting in rolling positions. Try to play for time and not get caught in the crosshair. After all, a draw is better in terms of experience and money than a complete defeat (thanks, cap).

A small life hack: since your tower is centered to the stern, try to occupy a position in the bushes or in a fold of uneven terrain with the back side forward – then the enemy will see only a piece of your tower and you can always quickly start after lightning.

Movement is life

An overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the tank. Outcomes

Pros :

  • Spiky trunk
  • Drum and one-time DPM
  • Decent UVN
  • Excellent dynamics
  • Small dimensions
  • Stunning disguise
  • Top radio station
  • Corrected balancer

Cons :

  • Cardboard armor
  • Flips frequently
  • Not the best view

The AMX 12t is one of the best light tanks in the tier and has benefited from the redesign. Even if we compare the pluses with the minuses, we can see that there are more of the former and less of the latter. Of course, many will underestimate: “Give us back the old” cricket “, this one does not drag!”, But in fact they simply sign their misunderstanding of class mechanics. Right now, the “cockroach” is tearing the tops of the winrate and many cybersportsmen who previously sold it are buying this unit again purely for fun and bending over. And why are we worse than them? Forward and with the song!


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