Xiaomi Pocket Photo Printer Features and Price

Pocket Photo Printer
Pocket Photo Printer


Xiaomi Pocket Photo Printer uses a compact body that is the same size as a power bank. The outer casing is made of ABS/PC fireproof material with a finish that gives it an exquisite and beautiful finish.

Zink Inkless Printing Technology

Xiaomi Pocket Photo Printer can print photos in 3-inch sizes. It uses ZINK inkless printing technology, supports AR photos and music. The slider is loaded with paper and the photo paper can be printed easily. It adopts the connection mode of Bluetooth distribution network, without the need for Wi-Fi, to support up to three people to connect to the printer at the same time.


Xiaomi Pocket Photo Printer features matching paper with its own glue, so the photos printed by users can be affixed to their favorite place, or used to print labels to facilitate the identification of items.

Support AR Photos and Music Photos

Xiaomi Pocket Photo Printer supports AR photos, voice photos and other interesting features. In particular, the AR function, as long as printing photos, shooting or uploading no more than 15 seconds of video, using the Mijia APP scan photos, you can watch the video behind the photos, experience the virtual and real interactive AR photo effect. 


  • Mini size, light and portable, you can put it in the pocket.
  • Made of ABS, PC fireproof material with a finish.
  • Can print photos in 3-inch sizes.
  • Use Zink inkless printing technology and Bluetooth connection, support AR photos and music.
  • You can upload any video when you print photos and then use the Mijia APP to scan photos.



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