XPeng Finally released pricing for the upcoming P5

XPeng P5 prices released and EU reservations are open

XPeng P5 prices released and EU reservations are open

XPeng finally released pricing for the upcoming P5, which will soon hit the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. First car from XPeng to be sold in Europe was the P7 that initially was available in Norway only and the company used that experience to prepare for sales of P5. After successfully completing all the EU compliance tests XPeng is finally in a position to announce the pricing.

Back in its home in China, XPeng employed very aggressive pricing when P5 was introduced to the market. It undercut Tesla Model 3 by nearly €13,000 (around $14,000 or £11,000) when it launched in September but even in its best month – December 2021 – the P5 only sold just over 5,000 units and Tesla Model 3 sold over 30,000 units.

So, how much will it cost to get the P5 in Europe? In Denmark prices will start at €52,420. The Netherlands have it priced at €48,000 and Norway at €49,400 with Sweden selling it at €53,500 and being the most expensive place to buy it. The differences are due to local regulations and government incentives.

XPeng touts the P5 as a perfect family car, with 66kWh battery offering 465km WLTP range, with a lot of room in the front and the back and ample 520l of boot space. The car comes equipped with a full length glass roof, Advanced Driver Assistance System called XPILOT 2.5 and it runs on Xmart OS that is promised to deliver a lot of intelligent features. OTA updates will make sure the vehicle stays up to date with the latest development.

XPeng P5 prices released and EU reservations are open

The XPILOT system uses a host of cameras and sensors – 5 HD radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 4 driving cameras and 9 “high-perception” cameras that support the XPILOT driving, parking and safety features.

Another major talking point has to be the central screen – 15.6” of a glass slab sitting vertically in the middle of the dashboard. A second screen sits behind the steering wheel and it’s not small either – 12.3” to make sure all the information the driver can possibly need is clear and easy to read.

XPeng P5 prices released and EU reservations are open

Worth mentioning is the fact that P5 supports V2L allowing the vehicle to run any electrical devices via built-in 230V power output. You can visit the XPeng website below for details of pricing in each country and to play with the configurator.




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