Yahoo Bitcoin investment latest format

bitcoin china

bitcoin china

In this article, you are going to learn A-Z Yahoo Bitcoin investment latest format – step by step to cash out big. You might be hearing about Bitcoin sc*m but non of your guys wants to put you through, we hope u learn everything here about investment sc*m.

What is bitcoin

Bitcoin (₿) is a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

What is Bitcoin investment scam

In a layman explanation, Bitcoin investment scam is the means of telling the general public about bitcoin, the use of it and all the benefits and profits they will make if they invest in it in other to scam them. Many persons don’t know much about Bitcoin so its your duty to introduce it to them and also show them how to invest.

Tools needed in Bitcoin investment scam

  • Bitcoin wallet
  • Usa number
  • VPN / RDP
  • Social / dating accounts
  • Fake screenshot earnings.

Bitcoin wallet

This a place where all your Bitcoin crypto currency is being stored/save, its like your bank account which no one can have access. For you to start Bitcoin work or own Bitcoin you need an account that will generate a wallet for you.
Its 100% free to create and own a Bitcoin wallet account. Simple go to and create a free account,and you will be giving a free wallet. click here to open account

USA phone number

This phone number is where you will direct your clients to message you and show them how to invest in Bitcoin (always move your clients to WhatsApp or hangout).

I always tell my students not to leave their work in Facebook or any social dating sites,its not save at all,the can block you any time and you will lose your client, so if you chatted with any client and he responded well, kindly move him to WhatsApp or hangout, of course WhatsApp is more popular and looks more real. it will make your work look legit and also save you some stress.


with this tools you can change your location while browsing for clients in some dating apps and social sites. Many of this sites don’t accept African countries especially Nigeria and Ghana, so to stop bypass this you can use vpn.
Make sure its a premium account (paid),try nord, IP vanish or pia VpN.

Social media / dating site

This is where you will meet different people who many be interested in your work and lastly pay you huge amount of money,Facebook and Instagram is the number site for Bitcoin format work because its free to use and also the both apps have millions of active users without restrictions, other sites are Pof, twitter,YouTube comments e.t.c

Fake screenshot earnings.

Fb Img 15899004153673223
This are the screenshot and paper work you could be using to show your clients telling them to invest and make lots of money,you know sometimes its not easy to Convince someone in terms of investment, you have to show them prove and how it works, so showing them fake alert and screenshot of your daily Bitcoin earnings ga boost their trusts in you and send you money for the investment.

Broker / Bitcoin website

This for those yahoo boys that can afford creating of broker website, this is an investment website that will be created in your name and details, in the website you can direct your client there, tell him to register and invest some Bitcoin,as he is investing the it the Bitcoin will be entering your wallet directly, its also another way of billing clients. This broker website is cost though,about 90k. Example of broker website and

But hey wait, if you don’t have money to get this kind of website no problem, just continue reading

Procedures to start Bitcoin investment scam format.

Have you gotten the whole tools I mentioned above? If yes then we are good to go.
I will be showing two methods, one is Bitcoin dating method and the second is Random posting method.

Dating method

This Bitcoin format is what I use for my dating clients, immediately the clients have loved up and fully trusted me, I will now introduce Bitcoin investment to him, explain how it works and how he can invest and make lots of money.
You known white clients loves anything legal investment, as soon as i trow him the format,I will send some screenshot of Bitcoin $$ I have earn with my investment.


Hello Honey, have you had of Bitcoin? Its a crpto currency and it have value like dollar, you can search about Bitcoin on google and see some information about it. Currently I have invested some money about $2000 worth of Bitcoin and I earn $100 everyday from the investment and also my friend Jack invested $5000 bitcoin in fact he borrowed some money and invested now he receives $200 daily.

Immediately you send her this text, tell her you will send some videos and also direct her to google for research.

Send her this video below

second format message

Honey have you watch the video I sent you? please try and do I want you to understand how it works, in fact with Bitcoin you can send money to anywhere in the world without going to the bank,just with your phone and credit card.
Why I showed you this is because I love you and I want you to invest and make lots of money without stressing yourself.

As times go on you will try convince him to invest Bitcoin and when he finally agrees, first go to luno or coinbase website, tell him to register account they and verify it, try and direct him in all steps to follow, after the verification he can now buy Bitcoin with his credit card to his wallet. Tell him that buying bitcoin means he is investing it.
As soon as he buys the Bitcoin successfully, collets his login details and transfer all the bitcoin into your wallet or you can send him your wallet id and and tell him to send all the bitcoins into the codes.

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Random posting method

This method requires you posting in different groups on Facebook and different pages, telling people about Bitcoin and how they can invest and make lots of money. You have to be smart while dealing through this method because the people dont trust you yet, so you must use nice profile and show them lots of fake screenshot about the money you have been receiving (Bitcoin alert).

Example check the pictures below
Screenshot 20200520 120714Screenshot 20200520 120654
Screenshot 20200520 120613

Check the method I use below, and anyone who message me I will convince him to start with $50 or $100.


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