Apple set to launch a Retail Store in Wuhan, China

Apple Is Ready To Open A Flagship Store In Wuhan, China

Apple Is Ready To Open A Flagship Store In Wuhan, China

The Chinese smartphone market remains one of the most lucrative for Apple. The company already has many stores in China but it is still opening more. According to reports, Apple will open a new store in a Chinese town that is associated with the coronavirus. Does the name Wuhan ring a bell? Well, yes, it is the first Chinese town where the COVID-19 was first discovered. Well, Apple will be opening a new store in Wuhan, China.


On April 11, in the Apple Store search on Apple’s official website, enter Wuhan, and a “coming soon” page will pop up. The location for the store is 2F, Building C, Wuhan International Plaza Shopping Center. The address is 690 Jiefang Avenue, Jianghan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. This is also the first Apple store in the Hubei province.

According to a previously exposed decoration permit, the Wuhan Apple retail store project will start on September 10, 2021 and will be completed on March 19, 2022. The store has a decoration area of ​​883.3 square meters and a contract price of 35.1277 million yuan ($5.5 million).

Currently, there are a total of 43 Apple retail stores in mainland China. This marks that Wuhan will usher in its first Apple directly-operated store, and it is also the first Apple-operated store in the central region. In the Apple retail store, customers can not only experience and purchase new products for the first time, but also get technical support advice, product settings and maintenance services. Also, Apple has announces it will start producing iPhone 13 series in Indian factories

Apple opens its largest store in South Korea

The company made the announcement on its South Korean website sometime last month.

“Apple Myeongdong. See you later.

South Korea’s largest Apple Store is coming to Myeongdong Center Point, in the splendid center of Seoul, where people from all over the world continue to visit.

Through this store, we aim to provide a source of inspiration open to all, where imagination and creativity thrive. Apple Myeongdong, a place where you and we can communicate and inspire each other. A place that will shine with everyone’s sparkling ideas.

Waiting for you. “

The Central District is known for its mix of historic buildings, traditional markets, and upscale retail. It is also home to the iconic Dongdaemun Dexing Square Wall.

“Jung-gu is Seoul’s historic urban center, alternating old and new. It includes modern facilities such as high-rise office buildings, department stores and shopping centers…However, it is also a traditional center, where historical sites such as Deoksugung Palace and Namdaemun sits.

Jung-gu is home to cultural sites such as the landmark N Seoul Tower on Namsan Mountain, Myeongdong Cathedral, the Bank of Korea Museum, and Gwangtong Hall. The oldest continuously operating bank building in Korea since March 2001….It has become one of the city’s protected cultural relics.

The Myeongdong neighborhood is one of the most famous shopping districts and popular tourist destinations in Korea…”


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