Best Professional Action Cameras of 2022 with their Key Features and prices

Akaso Brave 7 Le

Akaso Brave 7 Le

If you a good cameras that could help you reflect your adventure as perfectly as can be, you are on the right page. Good cameras exist that can capture your adventure whether you’re in the wild or you’re in your backyard. They are usually small, leading some to think that these cameras may not be made for shooting and sharing action adventures.

Best Professional Action Cameras of 2022 with their Key Features and prices

GoPro cameras often appear to be the first choice when action cameras are needed. It has the three qualities mentioned above. Most users love to use it because it is able to withstand extreme adventures. Even so, we acknowledge that GoPro isn’t the only ‘best’ action camera out there, so we have selected brands like Insta360, DJI Osmo, and Akaso Brave. Let’s briefly examine these cameras below.

GoPro Hero 9 Black

Hero 9 Black

This is actually one of the best action cameras for dedicated users. Nevertheless, this is the best single-lens action camera from GoPro at this time. It is an upgrade from Hero 8 camera which we will look at next. It offers new tools for photos and videos. It is able to schedule recordings or set them for a specific duration of about 15 seconds to three hours. The Hero 9 records for much longer than the previous edition. It has several other better features than the previous like the battery is bigger. There are other makeovers in other areas of the camera that endears users to it in 2022.

Salient Features of GoPro Hero 9 Black

  • Single-lens action camera
  • Schedule recordings for convenience
  • Record 5K videos at 30 fps, and pull high-quality stills from it
  • Better design
  • Bigger battery
  • waterproof
  • GoPro Max Mod lens for ultrawide view
  • Removable lens cover

Price: $329.99. 

GoPro Hero 8 Black

Gopro Hero8 Black
GoPro Hero8 Black

This one has been touched on above. It pales in feature compared to Hero 9. However, it is still a choice for some who may not have more money to spend on an action camera like the Hero 9. But people love it for its quality, stabilization, and moderate features. The 4K video camera is also the company’s first waterproof camera.

Of course, it went through some redesigns as well, but it is still different from that of the successor. It can be attached to a GoPro mount easily because of the built-in mounting fingers. Other good features can be seen below.

Features of GoPro Hero 8 Black

  • 4K video quality (HD)
  • Redesigned waterproof
  • Shooting presets
  • An improvement to Hero 7 Black
  • Gorilla Glass impact-resistant lens

Price: $278.99.

Insta360 One R

Insta360 One R
Insta360 One R

Here is an action camera that takes versatility to another whole level. The One R has a modular design that lets you swap out camera modules. You may use the options as you deem fit. Its wide-angle 4K footage does a great job for those who know how to handle it. Here’s an action camera that lets you shoot good pictures even in low-light conditions.

The company gives a mobile app and also an Insta360 community to help you if you need it for troubleshooting the camera. Users find it easy to create shareable clips. There’s a way to make your footage look incredibly smooth through the use of FlowState image stabilization.

Here’s an action camera that the manufacturer never stops improving, and adding features. To get the latest improvements, the user can update to the latest version. These days, the company has updated the device so it can be used as a webcam. The camera also has Wi-Fi that can be used for live streaming with the camera. There are so many accessories available for those who make use of the camera.

Features Insta360 One R

  • 4K Video wide-angle, dual-lens 360-degree camera
  • 1-inch sensor for best image quality
  • Mobile app & community as sources of inspiration
  • FlowStage image stabilization
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Plenty of accessories

Price: $499.99. 

DJI Osmo Action

Dji Osmo Action

This is the first action camera from this company that has been manufacturing cameras for drones. It has a good front color screen. There are those who claim that the camera is a winner when it is used for selfies. Next good thing is that the camera responds to voice commands. That means with your voice, the view can be switched. It is amazing that one can just do that with his or her voice. The camera is also a waterproof device that you may not bother about damage when you come in contact with water. The controls are simple and great at the same time. The presets are excellent because you can control the shooting modes without diving into the menus.

Features of DJI Osmo Action

  • Front color screen
  • Responds to voice commands
  • Waterproof technology
  • Removable lens cover
  • Great electronic image stabilization
  • Shoots HDR video
  • Customizable preset

Price: $299. 

Akaso Brave 7 LE

Akaso Brave 7 Le

It is another 4K video that was very cheap. Users usually speak positively about the front display. With a water-resistant capacity, a variety of mounts, two batteries, a charger, and a wrist remote, this action is a good deal. There’s a touchscreen at the rear that lets you change modes and camera settings. When you shoot, you can switch back and front on the camera anyhow you want. It comes with video and photo time-lapse modes. The diving and the driving mode are features you should check out. If you swim a lot, this camera is for you.

Key Features of Akaso Brave 7 LE

  • Dive up to 40 meters while swimming
  • Touchscreen enabled
  • Switch to selfie mode with ease
  • 4K action camera with video and photo time-lapse
  • Compensates for light underwater
  • Connect the camera with your car for power
  • Works best at 4K30 for picture quality

Price: $139.99. 


Features you should  look for when contemplating on which camera to purchasing are;

  • Compact: This is one reason why these cameras can be taken along anywhere you go. You can add them to your luggage without even noticing that they are there.
  • Lightweight: This is another reason you can take them anywhere. When making use of cameras, one important aspect of enjoying the task is that you don’t get bogged down with too much weight.
  • Rugged: This ensures that you don’t try to protect your camera like an egg. Being solid means you don’t have to worry whether it will fall to pieces when it slips from your hand.


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