How To Create a Facebook Dating Account

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Facebook Dating was announced during the company’s May 2018 F8 developer conference. The feature was in internal beta testing within several months of the conference.

The first launched was in Colombia on September 20, 2018. And the Facebook Dating Users contributed to establishing what the dating site would look like for future users, as it was still in the testing stages. The company said that if the testing went well, it would become a more prominent part of the existing Facebook application.

Facebook Dating allows users to connect with others all over the world and isn’t confined to the specific region that they live in. Checkout How to Fix YouTube Picture In Picture not working on iOS 14

Facebook Dating is available in many countries for adults with active Facebook accounts.
To have access to Facebook Dating you must:
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a Facebook account in good standing that is at least 30 days old.
  • Live in a country where Dating is available.

See List Of Countries Where Facebook Dating Is Available

How do I create a Facebook Dating profile

It’s important to note that Facebook Dating isn’t available to everyone therefore you can check the List Of Countries Where Facebook Dating Is Available
Before you get started, turn on Location Services for Facebook.
To create your Facebook Dating profile:
  • Go to your Facebook app and tap Menu, then Dating.
  • Tap Get started, and continue through the questions. Make your selections and tap Next or you can tap Skip to move to the next question.
  • Review your profile details, then tap Confirm.
  • To complete your profile and add more details and pictures, tap one:
    • Preview suggested profile: to automatically use information and pictures from your Facebook Profile.
    • Complete profile manually: to add details and pictures yourself.

Facebook Dating Gender Identity

Part of creating a profile is selecting your gender identity. We know this list doesn’t reflect the full spectrum of identity. We ask you to select the one you most closely identify with so we can suggest more relevant matches.
The gender identity option are:
  • Woman
  • Man
  • Let me be more specific
    • Cis woman
    • Trans woman
    • Cis man
    • Trans man
    • Non-binary person
Your match’s gender identity
If you’re cis-gendered but want to match with trans or non-binary people:
  • When selecting your gender identity, tap Let me be more specific.
  • Tap Cis woman or Cis man.
If you identify as trans, you need to select who can see your profile. For example, if you selected Trans [gender] as your gender identity, you can choose:
  • Everyone: they are interested in dating cis, trans and non-binary people.
  • All [gender]: they are interested in dating both cis and trans [gender].
  • Trans [gender]: they are interested in dating trans [gender], but not cis [gender].

The above are the all you need to know to get started with Facebook Dating, Boldtechinfo hope you enjoy meeting new people via the Facebook dating feature.

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Note: You can access Dating from your current Facebook account on the Android or iPhone apps.


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