How To Change Keyboard on Kindle Fire Tablet?

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It is no secret to anyone that one of the most important tools of a touch device is its keyboard. It is also the case with a Kindle Fire tablet, since the keyboard is what we use to write and enter all kinds of commands to interact effectively with our Kindle Fire tablet.

Once this is raised, it is a fact that a comfortable, easy to use and customize keyboard would be ideal for any user. The default Kindle Fire keyboard is relatively simple and has very limited  customization options .


Is it necessary to download ‘ES File Explorer’ to change Kindle Fire keyboard?

ES File Explorer is an application that allows us to review the files on our Kindle Fire tablet, so it is really necessary to be able to customize or change our keyboard easily and quickly. It is thanks to this program that we can install all kinds of custom keyboards on our Kindle Fire tablets .


What access do you need to allow in order to successfully install a new keyboard on Kindle?

In order to install any custom keyboard apps or programs on our Kindle Fire tablet, we will need a big permission to download these third-party apps .

The steps we must follow to achieve this are simple. First we display the interactive menu at the top of the screen of our tablet, there we will press the ‘Settings’ option , once there, it will show us several options. We will press the ‘Personal’ option.

Once there we will press the ‘Security’ option, once we are in the security section of our tablet we will go to the option called ‘ Advanced applications from unknown sources ‘ and press it. Once that is done, a warning window will appear, we will press the ‘ok’ option.

After having followed all the steps, the last thing we will do so that these changes can be applied is to restart our Kindle Fire Tablet so that we can download any custom keyboard application that we want.


What steps should be followed to change the keyboard of an Amazon Fire Tablet easily?

Changing the keyboard of our Amazon Fire Tablet is really simple, we just need first of all, to have already installed a third-party custom keyboard application to be able to do this action.

For this the steps are very simple, we will go to the ‘Settings’ option either from its direct access on the screen or from the slider menu at the top of the screen. Once there we will go to the ‘Device Options’ option and press it.

After that, it will show us various options, including ‘ Keyboard and languages ‘, we will press that option and it will show us all the keyboards that we have installed on our tablet. Now what we want to do is activate the keyboard that we have installed.

To show the newly installed keyboard, we must go to the ‘ show / hide keyboards ‘ option and once there, locate the keyboard that we have installed to select and enable it.

Once the new keyboard is enabled, we will be able to access it whenever we want, we will go to the ‘Current keyboard’ option or the other ‘ keyboard configuration ‘ option to be able to choose which one will be as default. In addition, from that, in the lower right corner of our keyboard an icon in the shape of a keyboard will appear that, when pressed, will show us the option to change the keyboard at that very moment.


What are the three most recommended keyboard apps?

There are many custom keyboard applications, however, there are 3 that stand out above the rest, these would be mainly: Gboard, Swiftkey and Chrooma . All of these are very good options if you are looking for quality and customization.


This app is the most popular of all, for good reason. This application was developed by Google and has a great capacity when it comes to predictive text, thanks to the inclusion of a machine learning system . It has thousands of Gifs and stickers to use. However, it does not have a highly developed aesthetic customization.


Swiftkey was the quintessential application for users before the arrival of Google and its superior technology, however, this is still very good because it has an aesthetic customization capacity superior to that of Gboard . So, if aesthetic customization is what you’re after, Swiftkey is your ideal custom keyboard choice .


How can you get back the default keyboard on your Kindle Fire?

Once we have installed and enabled a custom keyboard app on our Kindle Fire tablet, we can easily go back to using our Kindle Fire tablet ‘s default keyboard .

One of the ways to go back to using the default keyboard of our Kindle Fire tablet is to use the option that is in the lower right corner of our keyboard. This option is in the form of a keyboard and pressing it will give us the option to switch to the default keyboard if it is still enabled on our tablet.

The other alternative in case the default keyboard of our Kindle Fire tablet is not enabled, is to go directly to ‘settings’, once there we will press the option that says ‘ Device options ‘.

Once there, among the options we will look for the one that says ‘keyboard and languages’ and we will press it. All the keyboards that we have installed will appear there, from there we will go to the section that says ‘show / hide keyboards ‘.

There we can select which keyboards we want to enable or not so that we can use them, in case our default Kindle Fire keyboard is disabled, just press on it to re-enable it . In case our default keyboard is enabled but we don’t want to use the installed keyboards, just disable them.

In this way we can go back to using our default keyboard of our Kindle Fire Tablet without any problem from now on.

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