How to send messages to Patreon creators?

Do you know Patreon? This platform is an easy way to be able to admire certain content that you like through subscription, to be able to observe material which you would be willing to pay for, also facilitating the income of creators on Patreon, but is it possible to send messages to content creators? , and could it be done using the mobile? Stay to learn a little more about Patreon and have direct contact with those users .

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  1. In what situations is it possible to send messages to your creators?
  2. What steps do you need to follow to send messages to your favorite creators?
    1. Using your inbox
    2. from your page
    3. If you use the mobile app
  3. How can you send messages to multiple users on Patreon?

In what situations is it possible to send messages to your creators?

Don’t forget to be frequent if you want to have a little more personal contact with the creator from the Patreon page , as creators establishing a significant number of fans may not notice other users who need information if they haven’t processed a payment . Now, whenever you have any questions, need to communicate, make a complaint about the content or simply get to know the user, it will be more than valid to make direct contact with the creator.

Another important thing about Patreon is that the possibility of not having certain contact with the creator is due to having unsubscribed, keep in mind that if you have been blocked from the creator, there will be no ability to send them private messages from their page.

What steps do you need to follow to send messages to your favorite creators?

If you need to be able to make a more personal contact with the creator of the content you admire, you have to make a payment processed with the creator through your own Patreon account , have an active subscription with the creator and also support the page is due to all the fans, many influencers earn money not only on YouTube or other platforms because of this, and through Patreon they can also do it in the same way. Still, keep in mind that if you’re not a patron but want to contact a creator of the content you’re watching, you can do so outside of Patreon.

Patreon is a platform for all kinds of people who want to innovate with certain content and make a little more known about it , in fact, you can be part of it and receive donations from fans generating more income .

Using your inbox

To start, you must make a payment with the creator to be able to search for it from your inbox if you have canceled your subscription , remember that, in case you have already had a previous conversation with the creator, go to the messages in the panel of the part left. However, if you need to search for a specific conversation, type in keywords, or simply search for the user envelope on the creator page and be able to find a message thread, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the upper right corner and click on the “Messages” link in the icon of a square with two small chat bars.
  2. Past conversations will then appear in the left pane of your inbox when you click the search box.
  3. Proceed to type the name of your creator and press Enter to start the search and find a message thread.
  4. Now, make sure to start a new conversation by clicking on the creator.
  5. Lastly, write the message in the text field and after that click on “Send”.

from your page

It will be much easier if you are an active person through subscriptions with the creator, in this way being able to send them certain private and direct messages from their page will be more comfortable for you, to do it follow these steps:

  1. Go to the right side to be able to open the “User Menu”.
  2. Once you access the “active subscriptions” page you can find the creator page by clicking.
  3. Press the “Send Message” button and go under the name of the creator.
  4. Finally, write your message and click “Send”.

If you use the mobile app

Using the Patreon application for iOS or Android it is also possible to contact the creators, you can send a message to a creator with whom you collaborate or even the one you have supported, to do so follow these steps:

  1. To get started, you need to press the “Messages” icon at the bottom of the app.
  2. Head to the bottom right corner and hit the + sign icon.
  3. Proceed to type the name of the creator page you need to search for in the “To” text field.
  4. Click on the creator of the list that will appear later.
  5. Now, write your message in the “Write a message” text field.
  6. Finally, press the icon of a paper plane to send it.

How can you send messages to multiple users on Patreon?

The messages you send to all the patrons will be saved in your inbox in case you have had certain conversations with those users before, there you will be able to find them more easily and receive new messages from them, as long as they have been in direct contact with you. Also, in your inbox you can communicate with your patrons and with the creators with whom you collaborate, support or admire.

In case you’re wondering if Patreon works for deleting private messages as well, it’s not currently available. Likewise, it happens with the images, currently it is not fully available to be able to send photos or to other creators or users, but what you can do is send links that lead directly to those images .

Patreon is a platform where you can enjoy music, videos, photos, web-comics and more, but always remember the password or write it down in case you start on other devices or in case of other situations that lead you to enter it on another computer. However, on Patreon you can restore it without complications .

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