How To Send Private Messages on Instagram

In the early days of Instagram, the platform was simply based on its users sharing photos , images or short videos, this was what identified the platform from the others, being a simpler social network and above all different from that great giant. called Facebook.


But like everything in life, things evolve and as time goes by, users wanted the platform to have the possibility of sending private messages between users, these requests were heard by platform representatives and Instagram decided to establish the private messaging option from the platform. The messaging of this platform is quite basic, but this is what makes it special and different from others.

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  1. Is it possible to send a private message on Instagram from the browser?
  2. How to add photos or videos to my private Instagram messages?
  3. Why can’t I send private Instagram posts to a person?
  4. How can I send temporary and private messages on Instagram?

Is it possible to send a private message on Instagram from the browser?;How to send private messages on Instagram.

In the beginning, the private messaging option was only available for the application on mobile phones, regardless of whether it was iOS or Android , however, for the platform from the web browser the same essence of the beginning of the platform was maintained, there was no possibility to send private messages from the Instagram platform using the web browser on your PC.

As time went by, Instagram realized that many of its users used the platform from the web browser, which did not have the benefit of having a private messaging section from the web browser and it was something that many longed for, Therefore, the platform decided to incorporate the option for the web browser and thus keep platform users happier.

Currently, it is possible to send texts, emojis, even images or photos from the web browser platform. To do this, the first thing you should do is test in your favorite web browser, the word Instagram, several search options will appear there, you must click on the first option, when the portal opens, it will ask you for a username and password, type there and click on “start section” already being in your section, in the right side corner several portal options will appear .

In those options, the options will appear to enter your profile, see your notifications, search for new people and the messaging option, this will have a small logo of a message, by clicking there, a list of the people with whom you have conversations on Instagram.

In the same way, you will see the option to “send message” this to send a message to a person that you do not have in said list, click there to send a new message, there a window will appear , where you must search for the person you want send the message, click on the person’s username and the chat with that person will appear there.

How to add photos or videos to my private Instagram messages?

From the application for mobile phones, you have the possibility to send photos and videos by private message , in a quite simple way, in addition to the fact that you can also send videos from other accounts on Instagram by private message . To send a photo or video through Instagram’s private messaging, the first thing you should do is enter the chat of the person you want to send the video to.

Being there, next to the bar where you write the text you are going to send, you will get three options, one will be a microphone, with which you can send voice messages, the other will be a sticker, where you can send different stickers and GIFs to that your conversations are much more entertaining and fun, in the other option, an image will appear, when pressing there the photos and videos that you have in your gallery will appear.

At the top, a name will appear, usually at first it will appear “gallery” but if you press there, the different albums you have in your gallery will appear , so you can search for the photo or video you need more easily. Once you have selected the photos or videos you want to send, you just have to press send and the files will be sent to the other person immediately.

Why can’t I send private Instagram posts to a person?

In this case, if you can send the private post to anyone, the only condition is that for the person to whom you sent the private post to be able to see it, they must follow the account of said post and wait for the private account to accept it. the follower request, after this process, the person to whom you have sent said post, will be able to see the publication of the private account.

These types of private posts, you can send them to the person you want, the problem is that only the person who follows the account of the post you sent, will be able to appreciate the publication, otherwise they will have to send the follower request to the account private.

How can I send temporary and private messages on Instagram?

This is one of the new options of the platform, which will allow you to send a message that you and the person to whom you sent the message, will only be able to look at it once, because after they have left the chat, be it you or the other person, the message will disappear completely . This is an amazing option if you want to send classified information or that no one but you and the person you are sending the message to can see it.

To carry out this procedure, the first thing you must do is open the chat of the person you want to send the message to, after you are there, you must slide your finger up within the content of the screen, there the “mode” will be activated. ephemeral” there you can write the information you want to send to the other person, to deactivate the “ephemeral” mode without leaving the chat , you must slide your finger up again or exit the chat and the messages will disappear completely.

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