How to Use Samsung Dual Audio (Easy guide)

Use Samsung Dual Audio

Sharing songs is an amazing experience, but no one needs to use a friend’s  earbuds. To provide a solution for that, Samsung Dual Audio Bluetooth allows users to share audio from one Samsung phone to 2 wireless headsets.

Use Samsung Dual Audio

It also lets you connect 2 friends, siblings, or partners to share in a synchronized listening or viewing experience.

This dual Bluetooth feature was launched on the Samsung Galaxy S8 series, and it has been ever-present since then. This multi-device feature has been available for more than 10 years on Samsung devices and might have to be traced back to the Samsung G600 slider device. See How To Automatically Add Lyrics To MP3 Files:

How Can I Use Samsung Dual Audio With Dual Bluetooth Headphones?

If you wish to activate Samsung’s Dual Audio feature on your phone, you have to first pair every device to the preferred Samsung Galaxy phone.

  • Access your phone’s Settings.
  • Head to “Connections,” this is the 1st tab on a Samsung Galaxy S10e running Android 10, One UI version 2.1.
Use Samsung Dual Audio
  • Click “Bluetooth.” and turn the slider to “On.”
Use Samsung Dual Audio
Use Samsung Dual Audio
  • Enter Bluetooth pairing mode from your Bluetooth headset. This often needs you to press and hold the Bluetooth headphones’ power button until an LED flashes. True wireless earbuds often need you to get rid of both earbuds from the case simultaneously. If your headset’s pairing process is not a normal one, check the needed paperwork.
  • Pull down your device’s notification shade, and click “Media.”
Use Samsung Dual Audio
  • Check the phones you wish to use for listening. You can even deactivate playback on a phone from the Media page whenever you want.
Use Samsung Dual Audio

When you activate “Dual Audio” sharing from your Samsung device, the program lets you adjust volume levels of both headset. This option is needed since you will not want to damage your hearing.

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