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Have you finally received your Amazon echo at home but don’t know how to configure Alexa ? Don’t worry, the first configuration of amazon echo is a very simple procedure; just read this guide and in a few seconds you will be able to configure echo in the best possible way.

I anticipate right away that the initial configuration of an amazon echo device is a procedure that you will have to do only once in your life; in fact, the subsequent devices that you will purchase from Amazon will already be preconfigured for your account and your wifi network (this on condition that you consent to the storage of the password of your wifi network on Amazon’s servers).

I also state that to use an Amazon echo device it is necessary to have an Amazon account (normal or prime) so if you do not yet have an account it is a good time to register.

Having made this necessary anticipation, let’s go immediately to see the steps to perform to install alexa and use your amazon echo device.

The amazon echo installation procedure changes depending on whether your Amazon echo model has a screen or not. In fact, for the echo devices with a screen (i.e. echo spot and the echo show series) the entire echo installation can be performed directly from the device while for devices without a screen (for example echo dot or echo plus) it will be necessary to use the app Alexa from your smartphone.


  • How to Configure Alexa on echo with display
  • How to Configure Alexa on echo without display
  • First Steps Amazon echo

How to Configure Alexa on echo with display

How to set up Alexa on a device with a display? Installing Alexa is easier done than said. All you have to do is connect your device to the power outlet to turn it on and follow the guided installation.

The whole procedure to install alexa will be performed directly from the amazon echo device; you will be asked to configure the language, enter the data of the wifi network (choosing the name of the network from those detected and typing the network password) and to enter the Amazon credentials.

Once the setup is complete, a movie will play showing you the main functions of your new echo device. That’s all, you do not have to do anything else, you are already ready to use the Alexa voice assistant.

How to Configure Alexa on echo without display

If your Amazon echo device has no screen (for example echo plus) the procedure to install alexa is slightly longer but still very simple.

The easiest way to set up alexa on a device without a screen is to use the alexa app on your mobile. If you don’t have it yet, download the alexa app from the official store (Apple store for iOS and google Play for Android).

Plug your device into the electrical outlet and make sure it turns on (you will hear a sound).

On your mobile phone, start the Alexa app (make sure your mobile phone is connected to the home wifi network and that the bluetooth on your mobile phone is active) and enter your Amazon account credentials; if this is the first time you use the app, you will be asked if you want to configure a new device, click on Yes . In the next screen you will be asked to verify that the bluetooth is active, click on skip .

Scroll through the list of Amazon echo device models and select the model you want to install; in the next screen you will be asked to verify that the light of your echo is orange, click on yes (if the light is not orange disconnect and reconnect the echo device from the electrical socket) and wait. Once you click on Yes, the Alexa app will search for Amazon echo devices via bluetooth and at the end it will show you the detected devices; click on the new device to install.

Select your home wifi network (choosing the name from the list of detected networks) and enter the network password. A screen will inform you that the installation was successful and you are ready to use your new Amazon echo device.

If the device is not detected by the alexa app try holding down the center button.

If you have an Alexa device with a screen (for example echo show) you must know that the screen never turns off and this can be annoying as well as expensive in terms of energy consumption so you should read my guide which will explain how to turn off the screen of your echo device.

First Steps Amazon echo

Now that your echo device has been successfully installed you are ready to use your amazon echo. In this guide you will find the list of alexa commands that you can use right away.

You can create great routines and install many skills . You just have to start playing around with your new gem!

With the voice command “Alexa, learn my voice” you can configure alexa to recognize your voice and this will improve the recognition of voice commands and at the same time allow some functions to memorize your preferences.

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