All Resident Evil 3 Locker Code; Complete List

Resident Evil 3 Locker Code. we’ll help you find the codes for each safe and locker in the guide below. Without further ado, let’s take a look at all the security and locker codes in Resident Evil 3 Remake.


All Safe and Locker codes in Resident Evil 3 Remake

1. The pharmacy owner’s safe

This is the first safe in the game that you will find. The owner of the pharmacy is kind enough to reveal the secret quite easily in his diary. In his diary, it is written. “No one knows the code, not even my wife. It is a secret between me and my beautiful queen of Aqua Cure… And she would never give it up for a thief.” You can go to this dedicated article on the same to find its secure code. See Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough for PC Windows

2. The hospital safe

You can find the hospital safe on the second floor of the hospital. Make sure you open this safe as Carlos, because only then will you get the items. If you open the safe as Jill, you won’t find anything in it. The code for this safe is just two numbers. You can easily find it on a clipboard in the Trading Room: 9-3.

3. West Office Safe

You will find the next safe in the West Office of the Raccoon City Police Department. This safe is the same as the one in the Resident Evil 2 remake. The lock combination for this safe is also the same, i.e. 9-15-7. The item in this safe is a Hip Bag. Hip Pouch is a great accessory, increasing your inventory space by two slots. However, it won’t be a good idea to miss this one.

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4. RCPD Locker room and dressing room on the third floor

Like the safe in the Raccoon City West Office, the RCPD lockers are the same as in Resident Evil 2 Remake. The combination for the hall closet is DCM , and the combination for the bathroom is CAP.

Summarizing our guide, it is not as difficult as we might suppose to find the correct codes. With a total of such safes/lockers, the codes for two of them are already known. However, only the remaining two require your research effort, but with this guide comes the elimination of such efforts on your part. Also, keep in mind that the West Office Safe offers you one of its best items, a hip bag. This item will come in handy as you progress through the game as there will be essential and space demanding items for you to carry in order to survive. That said, also check out iPhone Tips and Tricks, PC Tips and Tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks.

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