Call Of Duty Mobile ‘Alcatraz’ Map to remain in Season 12

Call Of Duty Mobile 'Alcatraz' Map Will Stick Around In Season 12
Call Of Duty Mobile 'Alcatraz' Map Will Stick Around In Season 12

Call of Duty: Mobile players are excited about the release of the Season 12 update tomorrow. The new season is titled ‘Going Dark,’ and it will finally introduce the much-awaited ‘Night Mode’ in COD Mobile.

On the other hand, players were sad that with the end of Season 11, they would have to say goodbye to Alcatraz. Well, that’s not going to happen because COD mobile confirmed that the prison map would stick throughout Season 12.

Recently, Call of Duty Mobile released the November 6th Community Update on Reddit to talk about the current and upcoming season. In the comment section, players went on to ask a bunch of questions from the developers.

Along with several queries and requests, many players asked COD Mobile devs to make Alcatraz permanent. Interestingly, the developers confirmed that the fan-favorite ‘Alcatraz’ map is sticking around at least through Season 12. So, you will be enjoying the fast-paced 40-player battle royale matches in the upcoming COD Mobile season as well.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 Alcatraz
Alcatraz conformed for Call of Duty Mobile Season 12

Moreover, the developers said that they are constantly monitoring players’ feedback on the new map. So, if players don’t get bored with the ‘Alcatraz’ map in Call of Duty Mobile Season 12, then there is a possibility that the map will stay even longer.

For those of you don’t know, Call of Duty Mobile will release the Season 12 update on November 11. The upcoming season will introduce the Hackney Yard multiplayer map in COD Mobile. What’s even more exciting is that the new map will feature the long overdue ‘Night Mode.’ Along with all that, the Captain Price and Simon ‘Ghost‘ Riley Modern Warfare operator skin is coming in Season 12.

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