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Prices of Arik Flight from Benin to Lagos? There is a reason why Air Airways is regarded as one of the best airlines in Nigeria. They proudly stand among the most patronized local airline and they are rated highly among the most reliable and comfortable airlines. From the moment the airline was established in Nigeria in 2004, through to the their first official flight in 2006, and through to the moments they’ve gained recognition within and outside the country, it was always certain Arik Air have come to stay and dominate the airline market.

In this post, we will take a look at prices of Arik flight ticket from Benin to Lagos. We will also take a look at some factors that affect the variation in these prices.

How much is Arik Air Flight Ticket from Benin to Lagos?

Transportation by air is generally seen as the most convenient means of transportation in Nigeria. Rightly so, this means of transportation is not just fast, it is comfortable and has the lowest risk of accident. The journey from Benin to Abuja is definitely smoother in the air than on road. Although transportation by air can be relatively expensive, it still remains the most reliable means of transportation from Benin to Lagos.

Arik Air flight ticket is one of the most readily available and easiest to book in Nigeria. Thanks to technology, you can easily book a flight from Benin to Lagos with the confines of your room. With a stable internet, your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you can easily logon to the Arik Air website, book a ticket and pay online. After payment, details of the trip, including date of flight, time to board, take off time, seat number and other basic information will be sent to you via the same platform or to you mail.

Arik Air offers various flight ticket packages and are available in classes. Although there is usually no serous difference between these packages, some airlines offer packages that are way cheaper than others.

Prices of Arik Air flight ticket from Benn to Lagos vary. In fact, it is possible to book the same ticket in different times of the day at different prices. The variation is as a result of certain factors including rate of demand at that particular day, time of flight, weather and some other factors. Generally, ticket prices are usually cheaper in the early hours of the day.

Here, we will take a look at prices of Arik Air flight ticket from Benin to Lagos. Due to the varying prices of flight ticket, we will list the prices from the lowest to the highest possible. We will focus on economy flight ticket prices in this post.

One Way Trip fom Benin to Lagos

  • Economy – Benin City – Lagos: N20, 500 – N36, 000
  • Business Class – Benin City – Lagos: N40, 500 – N60, 000

Return Ticket from Benin to Lagos

  • Economy – Benin City – Lagos: N40, 500 – N75, 000
  • Business Class – Benin City – Lagos: N80, 000 – N110, 000

As stated earlier, there is no accurate and exact prices of flight ticket from Benin City to Lagos. The range given above covers lots of factors including day and time the flight is booked, day and time of flight itself and other basic factors. It is always advisable to confirm the accurate price tickets go for before booking a flight.

How long does it take to fly from Benin to Lagos?

On the average, flight from Benin to Lagos is about 50 minutes. While some few air planes from Benin get to Lagos some few minutes to the calculated average flight time, some others arrive few minutes later.

Arik Air: Things You Should Know About the Airline

Arik Air is regarded as one of the most secure airlines in Nigeria today. The privately owned Nigerian airline stormed the airline market in 2006 and has since then recorded an amazing patronage from within and outside the country. In fact, they are among the most sought after airlines in the country as it stands.

You’d expect nothing less from an Airline whose base is situated at the most popular and patronized airport in the country- Muritala Mohammed Airport. The fact that the airline is situated at the heart of the busiest and arguably the most populated city in Nigeria has helped the airline a great deal, gaining appreciable reviews from all over the country. With its base in Lagos, Arik Air trades almost all the local Airports in Nigeria and has since been recognized among the most patronized.

Although Lagos to Abuja and vice versa are the most patronized Arik Airlines at the moment, Benin to Lagos and vice versa are just a little behind in terms of number of orders. With Lagos being the central of business in the country, loads of people fly in from different parts of the country daily and Arik Air always has its shares of orders. Arik Air flies from Benin to Lagos at least once a day and has consistently maintained this for the past few years.

The flight, which networks mainly from the Muritala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja operates locally and internationally. The Airway was granted authorization to fly into various countries and cities including Trinidad and Tobago, Amsterdam, London, The United States, Madrid and some other European cities and countries.

In 2008, Arik Air was given permission to fly to the United States by the United State Department of Transportation, a feat that has made the airline gain more international recognition across the globe. Arik Air’s head office is the Arik Air Aviation centre situated at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport in Ikeja, Lagos State.

Arik Airline has attracted lots of appreciable reviews for their wonderful customer service and smooth flight.

Top Places to Visit in Lagos

Lagos is not short of entertainment and fun-filled places. Here are some amazing places to visit in Lagos.

  • Lekki Conservation Centre
  • New Afrika Shrine
  • Ikeja City Mall
  • Tarkwa Bay Beach
  • National Theatre
  • Nike Art Gallery, etc.
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