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Question: Will I get paid if I don’t recruit in Crowd1?

Answer is: YES -You will only get dividends which are based on the number of owner rights you have. These will start getting paid in February 2020. So try to get more owner rights if you don’t want to recruit. You get owner rights by buying bigger packages. Eg: Gold and Titanium. The company will say we are paying for example 20 cents for very owner right a person holds. So if you have 1 owner right, you will get 20 cents. But if you have 10,000 owner rights, you will get 2,000 euros. You get this dividend every 3 months forever as long as you have owner rights.

You can also sell your owner rights for massive profit. This is where most people will bank big bucks.

Note that as the owner’s right price increases, the value of your owners’ rights increases. Right now the owner right price is 1.95 euros.

Let’s say you have 10,000 owner rights and the price is 3 euros by February 2020. You would multiply 10,000 owner rights by 3 euros, which is the price of owner right. You get 30,000 euros in value of your rights.

Also note that if you sell everything, you lose out on future growth. For example, many people will start to see that Crowd 1 is paying big money around February because people will be withdrawing and spending. Your skeptic neighbor, colleague, and family will see a change in your life.

They will now want to join Crowd1. That will make the owner right price to rise very high and fast. Let’s say it reaches 10 euro by this time next year and you had still had those 10,000 owner rights. Multiply them by 10 and it gives you 100,000 euros.

Question: What is the minimum amount to withdraw?

Answer is: The minimum amount you can withdraw is €20 and there is no limit to the amount you can withdraw.

Question: How do I earn Max €9 and how to get Max €36?

Answer is: This depends on your streamline level as per the package u have bought when you joined the platform.



We have all helped Facebook build one of the biggest networks in the world. A platform where the owners of FB have been able to monetize all the data that they have been able to collect from me and you altogether. We built it – they have reaped all the financial rewards.

With Crowd 1 – we are doing the same thing. We are helping them to build a powerful network of customers into which Affilgo and Miggster will plug future digital products & because we helped Crowd1 to build this network of influence they are honoring that with profit sharing with us. How AWESOME IS THAT!

Crowd1 is currently in 174 countries worldwide. Crowd1 earns $3.6 trillion per month. Crowd1 is very powerful in online business. It has an affiliation with Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Fifa, Whatsapp… It has invested in gaming and sport, Gaming and Gambling. With your smartphone and with only the capital of 99€, (without forgetting that there are other shares like that of €299, €799, €2,499) with a community that has a determination to change lives, you can go far. You can make your dreams come true. Join Crowd1, a Life changing opportunity now. Do not hesitate to contact me so that you are a member of this great global society which is changing the lives of the less happy. With only your smartphone, you can go far.

In the first quarter of 2020, we will receive a quarterly dividend/ 1 time and the next launch on the exchange will take place next. You will be the first owner with 50% of the money you participate in stock A and a 50% stake B.

Join the pack: €99 = 90 points, €299 = 270 points, €799 = 720 points and €2,499 = 2250 points. You have the right to upgrade to a higher level equal to the remaining amount of the participating package. Join with ETH, BTC and Code.

All Packages starting from €99 to €2,499 packages have the same maximum income of €20,000 / week. You can join CROWD1 with your credit or debit card, with BTC or ETH or use CODE from your upline or buy from CROWD1.

MORE INQUIRIES: If you have further questions or want to register but need help, you can call or whatsapp: +2348184696875 or +2348137251717

We are always out to help.

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