GMC’s Hummer EV Edition 1 weighs Rating

GMC’s Hummer EV Edition 1 weighs in at over 9000 lb

GMC’s Hummer EV Edition 1 weighs in at over 9000 lb

General Motors files documentation to the EPA, revealing the Hummer EV Edition 1’s expected range, curb weight, and preliminary eMPG rating. The filing was first reported on by Car and Driver and includes many new tidbits about the e-pickup. Note that this filing relates to the Hummer EV Edition 1, which will be the first Hummer EV model arriving to the market. This one comes with an MSRP of $110,295.

GMC’s Hummer brand was always about being unapologetically huge and the Hummer EV Edition 1 is no different. The certification mentions a curb weight of 9063 pounds, heavier than any other EV currently on our database. The EV with the highest curb weight listed on our site is currently the Ford F-150 Lightning SR AWD coming in at 6504 lb.

The filing lists the Ultium battery with a usable capacity of 212.7 kWh, with a higher capacity than the F-150 Lightning’s 131-kWh extended range battery and the Rivian R1T’s 135-kWh lithium-ion battery. The Hummer’s battery alone weighs more than a small gas-powered vehicle at 2923 lb.

A GMC spokesperson told Car and Driver that the MPGe numbers won’t be displayed on the vehicle’s window sticker since vehicles with GVWR above 8500 lb aren’t required to do so. The Hummer EV Edition 1 will have a combined 47 MPGe, 51 MPGe highway, and 41 MPGe city.

This is the final certification for GMC’s 2022 Hummer EV. Meanwhile, cheaper models are expected to arrive in the following years with the dual-motor base model expected sometime in 2024.

GMC’s Hummer EV Edition 1 weighs in at over 9000 lb


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