Heroes & Generals guide: how to play as Germany

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If you are a beginner and have chosen Germany, then in this guide you will find useful information for yourself and will be able to effectively use the available funds.

Many people often complain that the US looks like an overly strong side in the conflict because of certain types of weapons. However, Germany also has some interesting features that can help on the battlefield.

Primary weapon

For starters, you should know that the Karabiner 98k / K98K rifle as the main weapon is not so bad. At the very least, you need to know its features. Thus, the range of the Karabiner 98k / K98K is comparable to the excellent M1 Garand, but its default scope is somewhat more convenient and allows you to shoot more accurately at first. However, in close combat, you will almost certainly lose the M1 Garand. Therefore, the Karabiner 98k / K98K should be used at medium and long distances, trying to pretend to be a sniper. In addition, always keep an eye on the number of remaining cartridges and go to reload only at the right time, best of all for cover.

Secondary weapon

If you are going to break into a building that the enemies have captured, or you know for sure that there will be an enemy soldier around the corner, then you will have to use a pistol, and best of all the Mauser C96. It shoots faster than the M1 and Colt M1911. This means that if you are the first to shoot and catch the enemy off guard, you will most likely win, given that the enemy needs to aim better. Sometimes it is useful to shoot several times from the Karabiner, no matter where, the main thing is to hit, and then, without reloading, choose Mauser C96 and finish off the enemy. Due to the fact that there is almost no delay between switching weapons, you will be able to kill the enemy with a high degree of probability. However, this tactic is only suitable for close combat, best of all in enclosed spaces.

Heroes & Generals

Close combat

When it comes to close-quarters combat, a Schanzzeug shovel is better than a Seitengewehr knife. This is due to the fact that Schanzzeug has a large lethal range under any circumstances. With a successful scenario, it is possible to kill from the back with the first blow, and sometimes even cut out an entire squad. Also, you should not shoot if you can kill with a shovel – this way you will not reveal your location.

Equipment and signs

Instead of the popular Stielhandgranate 24 (M24) grenade, you should use the more practical S-Mine. So you can protect yourself from going to the rear, especially in the case of a building. If the enemy steps on this mine, then he is definitely the end. But be careful not to step on it yourself. Tanks should be disposed of with Tellermine 42 and Hafthohlladung.

Heroes & Generals

The insignia “Marathon” will be useful – it allows you to get to the point faster. Also, don’t forget about other popular signs, such as those that reduce damage. Of course, no sign will help you from a direct hit from a tank shell, so it’s better not to approach it and kill from afar.

After the appearance of more powerful main weapons and improvements to them, you can think about “moving” to something new. So, Germany has quite powerful machine guns and cheap submachine guns. We have already said that you should not abuse the sights – put them only on sniper rifles. So you will save your hard-earned resources and be able to spend on something more useful. For example, to repair the same rifle.


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