How to download free wallpapers for Samsung mobile

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Looking for info on how to download Samsung wallpapers for free ? Here is a list of the best Android apps to put live wallpapers on your Samsung phone .

When buying a new smartphone, the first thought is to install a new wallpaper or theme to personalize your home screen or lock screen. Although there are tons of images on the web, the quality and formats never conform to the aspect ratio we are looking for, especially for Samsung devices.

Among the most famous smartphone manufacturers in the world there is certainly Samsung , excellence for the quality of the screens and at the forefront of the technologies of its products. If you are reading this guide you most likely have a mobile device from the Korean company and are looking for quality Samsung wallpapers to install. Today we are here to understand how to download wallpapers for Samsung mobile phones and how to do it for free without settling for grainy images and pixels as big as a walnut. Let’s see together how to get the best possible result.


  • How to Download Free Samsung Wallpapers (Wallpapers S10, S20, S21, etc.)
    • Google (Android)
    • LitWallz (Android)
    • Zedge (Android, iOS)
    • Mobiles Wall
    • Social Wallpapering (Web)
    • Unsplash (Web)
    • Resplash (Android)
    • Wallpaper Changer (Android)
  • How to put live wallpapers on Samsung
    • Home Screen and Lock Screen
    • Dynamic lock screen
    • Animated wallpaper
  • How to change WhatsApp and Telegram chat background on Samsung smartphones

How to Download Free Samsung Wallpapers (Wallpapers S10, S20, S21, etc.)

We are sure that the paragraph you were looking for with the most interest is precisely that of free wallpapers. Here’s where you can download them without losing quality.

Google (Android)

Reading the word Google you will surely have thought about the search engine, but it is not so trivial. With this term we refer to Google Wallpapers available only for Android operating systems where you can download many free wallpapers in just a few seconds.

LitWallz (Android)

Here we are for the first time to describe a very good third-party app available for Android . With a huge catalog, LitWallz allows you to choose from over a million wallpapers of the highest quality. It also offers in-app purchases and a large collection of high-quality wallpapers updated daily. You will be able to personalize your device with Samsung wallpapers in HD, 4K, Ultra HD and popular and trending live wallpapers.

Zedge (Android, iOS)

Small app with immense potential available for both iOS and Android allows you to download free wallpapers of excellent quality. With Zedge you can download custom ringtones in addition to wallpapers, an advantage not to be overlooked.

Mobiles Wall

When it comes to convenience and speed in the world of wallpapers, Mobiles Wall is the website that stands out the most. A collection of wonderful free wallpapers that range over many themes and that will allow you to improve the aesthetics of your smartphone or your PC. Just connect to their official page and select the type of your device to download the wallpaper you like best.

Social Wallpapering (Web)

But if you want something more you must necessarily focus on those applications or websites where there are wallpapers for Desktop. From here you can download files with a better resolution and adapt them to your Samsung. Among the best is Social Wallpapering , a real Eldorado of free wallpapers and images for your devices. By accessing their official page and clicking on the Browse item at the top left , you can open a world of unique images.

Unsplash (Web)

You have surely heard of Unsplash , a website full of backgrounds and suggestive images that you can insert in your personal gallery. The official page can be reached at the link and you will find the most popular categories in bellavista as well as a search bar at the top left where you can search for images.

Resplash (Android)

It is not a typo but just an assonance with the previous application. Resplash , powered by , is one of the best apps for Android to download free Samsung wallpapers as it allows you to customize the graphics of your Android smartphone with a wide choice of images in the main catalog. It also offers extremely beautiful animated wallpapers , but as you know they have a lot of impact on battery life.

Wallpaper Changer (Android)

If you are bored, go to your Samsung’s Settings and activate the automatic wallpaper feature you can opt for the Wallpaper Changer app . It will allow you to change the wallpaper automatically when you want and won’t affect your battery much. Among the most significant functions is the choice of the time interval in which to change the wallpaper, ideal for people who are more attentive to the aesthetics of their mobile device. Unfortunately for iPhone owners it is only available for Android operating systems .

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How to put live wallpapers on Samsung

Before going into the analysis of the sources where to download free Samsung wallpapers, it is advisable to understand how to put an animated wallpaper on Android. In principle, you can perform these operations with the background: lock screen \ Home screen change, automatic change and message change. Here’s how to act on a version running Android 10 or higher.

Home Screen and Lock Screen

In this case, just hold down for a few seconds on an empty part of the screen and then tap on the Background button that you will find at the bottom left. The section of Personal Wallpapers , Gallery and Services for wallpapers will automatically open to you . By choosing this section you will be able to view different images and set them as default wallpaper. Here you can take advantage of the Discover other wallpapers function by pressing the button of the same name that you find at the bottom. There are both paid wallpapers and many others for free.

The section with wallpapers can also be reached from Settings> Wallpaper .

Once you have chosen the wallpaper, in one of the sections indicated above, you can set it as the wallpaper of your Samsung smartphone by choosing one of the following options:

  • Home screen
  • Lock screen
  • Home screen lock

Dynamic lock screen

One of the coolest features of the Android operating systems and Samsung ecosystem is the automatic wallpaper change . To activate this function you need to go to Settings> Wallpaper and tap on the Wallpaper services option Immediately after that tap on Dynamic Lock Screen and hit the Apply button . This way the background images will change every time you turn on the screen.

We know you’re thinking it’s cool to change wallpaper but every time you turn on the screen it’s maybe too much. In order for you to customize everything you must necessarily press on the gear icon located next to the Dynamic lock screen option .

From here click on Select category , to select a set of images for your lock screen, and immediately after on Download with data connection if you want to do it without Wi-Fi. Set the automatic update and of course accept the terms and conditions .

Many categories will appear, from Landscapes to Art, by choosing one you can establish the images you want to project on the display. We remind you that to have a different background not present on the Samsung store you need a third-party application, a topic already covered in the previous paragraphs.

Animated wallpaper

Samsung provides a section for all its mobile devices running Android 10 or later to view and set animated wallpapers. You can reach it by going to Settings> Wallpaper> Personal Wallpapers . Here, tap on the three vertical dots , at the top right, and select Live Wallpapers .

To download Android live wallpapers , I recommend these apps:

  • Google Wallpapers
  • Zedge
  • Live Wallpaper Any Video

How to change WhatsApp and Telegram chat background on Samsung smartphones

Personalization is your forte and even when you chat with someone you want to distinguish conversations with the perfect background? Well, Samsung allows you to change the background of the messages too , let’s see how.

  • WhatsApp: open the Facebook instant messaging app for Android , press on the three vertical dots , at the top right, and choose the Settings option . From here a window will open in which you will have to click on Chat and then on Background .
  • Telegram: open the Android app , press on the three overlapping dashes , at the top left, and choose the Settings option . From here go to Chat Settings and immediately after tap on Change Chat Background .

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