How To Find Capsule 3 in Subnautica

This is what you must do to find Capsule 3 in Subnautica, the second objective of the game. Survive the accident with our complete guide in Spanish.After repairing the radio , you will receive a call for help. The Subnautica story now asks us to locate Salvage Pod 3 . This objective will come to you after a while after fixing the radio , you will be able to hear the message when you see the radio icon on the right side of the screen . Exit the capsule and you will see the marker at 450 meters .

First of all, we have to manufacture the Scanner . You will need Titanium and Battery . You already know how to get Titanium (using Reusable Metal in the Fabricator). You have the Battery in the Fabricator, in Resources> Electronics . Requires Acid Mushroom x2 and Copper . The acid mushroom is easy, they are the luminous mushrooms that you will see in many rocks .

El Cobre is more complicated . To find it, you will have to go into one of the caves under the rescue capsule and look for Limestone rocks , like the one in the image below these lines. They can be differentiated from the rest with the naked eye. Be careful, not all of them have Copper , insist until you get it. With this, he manufactures the Battery and the Scanner.

After making the Scanner, you have no choice but to swim to Capsule 3. Try not to dive too long before you arrive , or you will probably be attacked by a Stalker, an aggressive fish against which, for now, you cannot defend yourself too much. You will see that it is sunk and shattered . You can enter through the open side. Open the data box to get the plans for the Compass . Also pick up the Abandoned PDA . Also, outside near the capsule, you will see an Underwater Speeder Fragment that you need to scan .

Go back to your Capsule and make the Compass . It’s quite possible that an Aurora engine blew up, so the Radiation Suit will be added to the blueprints. To make it, you need Fiber Mesh x2 and Lead x2 . Fiber Mesh can be synthesized in the Fabricator . You need Algae Vine Sample x2 , which can be obtained by cutting the algae from which you get Algae Vine Seeds . The zone is between your capsule and number 3.

The Lead will be more complicated . Look at the ship, and if you think that the engine is “back” and the side that is pointing toward you is “left,” we want to go back and to the left of the ship. You will see a fairly deep valley, almost 100 meters deep. Be careful because this area is VERY DANGEROUS at night , and try not to go to the “right” of the ship if you don’t want to deal with Reaper Leviathans. What we are looking for are limestone and sandstone , like the one below these lines.

From limestones you can get Silver and Copper (which we will also need soon). From the Sandstone you can get Gold and Lead , just what we are looking for. Remember that you need at least 2 of Lead . After the Suit, we want to make the Compass . Requires copper wire and wiring kit . Both are made in Resources> Electronics.

For the Copper Wire you need Copper x2 , which you may have gotten from the limestone you have been hitting. For the wiring kit you need Silver x2 , which you also got from limestone.

Now that you have the anti-radiation suit and the Compass, we can go on to look for the Slider , which is what we will need to move with a little more speed and advance in the story. Go about 350 meters south of the capsule and dive (down and to the left of the Aurora). You should see something like this, it’s a shipwreck .

Here you will find the second fragment of the slider (there are more than one in the area) and several fragments to examine . Back in the pod go to the Fabricator and select Dropdowns> Submarine Speeder. You need Battery, Oil, Copper wire and Titanium . You know how to get everything except Oil, which can be obtained from Resources> Basic Materials> Oil (requires Algae Vine Seeds, the yellow flowers).

After a while (explore a bit or something, looking for some more Fragment), you will see that there is a radio call . A new beacon will be activated telling us to go to Capsule 17.

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