How To Find the Execution Platform in Subnautica

This is what you need to do to find the Execution Platform in Subnautica, from where the Sunbeam was shot down. Survive the accident with our complete guide.

Subnautica has dragged us to the Great Deep Reef in search of the last base of the Degasi survivors. However, now it’s time to re-explore the surface. As you may recall, at some point you may have seen the Sunbeam attempt to land and was knocked down by a powerful laser beam . During the countdown they must have given you a beacon with the landing point , you must go in that direction.

If you don’t have it, it would be a matter of going north-northeast until you see an island with a large mountain .When you arrive, go around the island on the left side (it should be the left side, go) and you will find a beach. Do not enter the cave , instead, keep going around the island and you will come across a large structure of strange shape: the Execution Platform .

As you get closer, you will see a machine where you can insert the Purple Tablet that you got in the Tierra Firme area, in one of the Degasi crew bases. With the force field deactivated, move forward until you see a data terminal, a kind of green hologram , with which to interact.

Now it starts to go down. Take the Ion Cube on a pedestal. It is a bright green cube, it has no loss.

You will find another Ion Cube as you advance. Take it too, you will need two or three much later. Activate another data terminal and continue exploring the wreck. You will find an area where there seems to be a gravity well , get closer and you will go down automatically. You will come to a kind of vehicle bay . Yes, you could have come in from this side with a Seamoth, but hey.

Go through the back door and you will come to another room with ramps. Notice that on the right side is the Alien Rifle , make sure to scan it.

There is also another Ion Cube on the ground floor. Take it and go up the ramps . There is a second purple tablet , take it and keep going up to use it in another machine, next to another force field. Cross where the barrier was. Move on until you reach a device to interact with . You will discover that, indeed, you have been infected with “something” .

You won’t be able to do anything else in this place, at least for now. Return to your base and stock up, you will have to wait a few days until you receive a call that tells you to go to the Aurora to get the plans for a rocket that would allow you to escape from the planet … as long as you manage to deactivate that death ray. you, of course.

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