How to hide apps in windows 11;Easy Method

How to hide apps in windows 11.It begins with the opening of the section or icon of ‘Settings’, this is in the ‘Start Menu’, exposed or included in ‘All applications’. When you are in that section, find and tap on ‘Personalization’, followed by ‘Start’ or ‘Start’, in the options available such as ‘Show recently added applications’, or ‘Show recently opened items’, you must uncheck their ordinals. Learn about the latest news with Windows 11 .


  1. What is the way to remove recommended applications in Windows?
  2. What to do to hide the most used applications in Windows?
  3. How to hide a running program in Windows?
  4. How to hide applications in the control panel?
  5. Is hiding apps the same as uninstalling or removing them?

Here Is way to remove recommended applications in Windows;How to hide apps in windows 11

Find your hardware for writing, there you must sink the keys ‘Windows + i’, (one followed by the other). This will open the ordinal or ‘Settings’ function. Find the statement called ‘Personalization’, in that place get the element ‘Start’, (this has to do with the running processes). Your primary goal is to uncheck the ‘Show recently started items’ box.

However, you should also look for the selection of ‘Show frequently or recently added applications’, to uncheck it quickly. Perform the same action with the ‘Lists in file explorer and in shortcuts’ function, that is, disable or uncheck the section. You can also disable the effects or enable them in Windows 11 .

How To hide the most used applications in Windows?

It all depends, because in some moments you will want to hide the application process, and in others you will need to hide its characteristic icon. If you want to hide a desktop shortcut, right click on the desktop and choose ‘Properties’. Now press the digital button of ‘General’, in the ordinal of ‘Hide’ make a small click and save everything.

With your sliding hardware visit the ‘Start Menu’, choose one of the displayed or recurring applications, right click on it. You will immediately see a menu for selections, you must scroll over the pseudonym ‘Recommended’ followed by a click on ‘Delete or remove from the list’. There are other annoying areas of the system, fix it by removing a discord in Windows 11 .

How to hide applications in the control panel?

Take the help of the ‘Start Menu’, specifically type ‘regedit’ in the ‘Search’ drawer, tap on ‘Open’. Use the hardware again to swipe and spell out ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Uninstall’. In the current path, you can view a considerable number of folders, locate the names that match the application intended to hide.

In each one of them, you will find the ‘DisplayNames’ statement, from the desired ‘App’, right-click, and then click on ‘Delete registry key’. Perform this operation with each of them, unless it is only one. You should also clean the files in temporary format in Windows 11, to complement the processes and loads on the system.

The similarity between hiding or removing an App may be evident, but it is very different, since the first action involves making it difficult to view any program. Which is rollback and does not imply removing the given feature, as opposed to removing it, which is a drastic decision and removes it from the system permanently.

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