How to remove date in Instagram history from photos and videos


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Every user of the social network Instagram has posted a story at least once. If you attach an “old” video or photo to the story, the date of the shooting or image will be automatically superimposed. As you yourself understand, not all users need such an “addition”.

Therefore, in today’s instructions, we will talk about how to remove the date in the Instagram history from photos and videos. It should be said right away that this is quite simple to do, you just need to know the correct sequence of actions for a specific device.

On Android

Let’s start with an algorithm of actions that will be relevant for a mobile device with the Android operating system. If you want to remove the date in the history, then just do the following manipulations:

  1. We pass to the main application from the considered Internet site. The main photo of your profile is located in the upper left corner of the home tab. You will need to click on it once.
  2. Thanks to the step above, you will have access to your device’s gallery. Find a suitable image or video to attach to your story. If the selected event did not happen today, the date will appear on the photo. Just pinch your finger over the pinned date area.
  3. Then, without lifting your finger, drag the date to the trash can. This basket has a characteristic icon and occupies the bottom of the screen.
  4. Ready! As soon as you complete the above steps, the automatically superimposed date will be removed.
  5. If you understand that you still need the date, then you can return it. To do this, click once on the icon in the form of a square with a smile, which is located at the top of the current page.
  6. After that, a window with various stickers will appear in front of you. Just find the date column and click directly on it.
  7. That’s all. You can place the added date sticker anywhere.

On iPhone

It is also allowed to remove the date in the Instagram history from a photo or video through an iOS device. If you use an iPhone, then just follow these simple steps:

  1. We open the official app from the social. Instagram network on your phone. Click once on the ” Your story” column , which is located in the upper left corner of the start page.
  2. After that, the gallery of your smartphone will open. Just select the photo or video you want to share in your story. If the event was not captured today, the date will automatically appear. Pinch your finger in the area of ​​the given date.
  3. As soon as you complete the action above, an icon in the form of a trash can will appear at the bottom of the screen. Simply transfer the date to this basket without lifting your finger.
  4. That, in fact, is all. Thanks to such a simple algorithm of actions, you can remove the date from history without any problems.
  5. If you have a desire to return the date, then it is also possible to do so. Just click once on the icon that will be marked in the screenshot below.
  6. In the proposed list of “stickers” find the item with the date and just click on it once.
  7. That’s all. All that remains is to place the date sticker in a convenient place and publish the story.

Now you know how to remove the date in Instagram history from photos and videos through an Android device, or through a smartphone with the iOS operating system. In addition, in the instructions above, I showed how you can return the date sticker if you change your mind about removing it. In any case, if you strictly follow all the instructions from the instructions, then you will not have any difficulties with deleting the date in the history.

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