How to share internet connection through USB on Android phone

How to share internet connection through USB on Android phone

Tethering our internet connection with our pc or other phones are pretty easy, since we have variety of options to choose from, be it wi-fi hotspot, Bluetooth tethering or USB tethering, as we all know tethering comes in handy when our internet modems ran out of data, thus our only option is to ask our phone for help, though other forms of tethering can suck some juice out of our battery, with USB tethering the case is different
This article contains procedures on how to share our internet connection with a pc via USB cable

Pros and Cons of USB tethering

  • USB tethering is the best battery efficient method of sharing our internet connection with PC since the phone will equally be charging
  • USB tethering is relatively fast
  • when it comes to security USB tethering is highly secure, since one can only connect to one PC at a time
  • USB tethered connection can easily disconnect due to cable mishap
  • when tethering via USB, the phone has to be idle, to prevent frequent disconnection

Here are the requirements

  • a good USB cable
  • an Android smartphone
  • and a PC

How to tether our phones internet via USB

  • connect your USB cable to your and select the media option as shown below
  • go to phone settings under tethering and hotspot select or tick the USB tethering option
  • turn your data connection on and you are good to go
  • a connected sign will show up on your pc taskbar indicating that you are connected to a tethered network
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