How to update the Android System WebView

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Owners of Android devices have noticed since March 22, 2021 that some applications start to crash and close on their own. This problem is caused by a system component named Android System WebView. A simple update fixes the problem.

Do your apps on your Android phone or tablet close instantly after opening them or after a few seconds of use?

This is an issue that appears to have become widespread since March 22, 2021, when several users reported experiencing this issue.

The concern lies in the Android System WebView component. This allows you to display web content in the app using Chrome, in order to avoid getting us out of the app.

Google has solved the problem by deploying an update to the Android System WebView as well as to Chrome.

How to update the Android System WebView

To update Chrome and the Android System WebView on your Android phone or tablet, you must:

  1. Open the Play Store
  2. Tap the three horizontal linesin the upper left corner
  3. Go to: My apps and games
  4. Press: Update tothe right of the applications or All m. up to date
Here’s how to update Android System WebView and Chrome on your Android phone or tablet.

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