Mining In New World And Ore.;Complete Guide

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We tell you how to mine minerals in the game New World: what tools to use for mining and where to find rare ore

In New World, you can collect not only herbs and wood, but also hard rocks of minerals. These include stone, iron, silver, and some alchemical stones. You can increase the level of mining to level 200 just by extracting these same resources. Today we will tell you what is the best way to mine hard rocks of minerals and how to pump your ore mining skill to level 200.

How to get minerals

You can mine hard rocks with a stone pickaxe (level 1) . Create this tool in the craft section using the following resources:

  • Wood (Green Wood) – 1 unit;
  • Flint – 1 unit.

You can create an iron pickaxe (level 2) after upgrading the workshop in the capital of your region to level 2:

  • Iron ingots (Tier 2 Metals) – 12 units;
  • Refined wood – 3 units;
  • Leather (Leathers) – 2 units.

You can create a steel pickaxe (level 3) after upgrading the workshop in the capital of your region to level 3:

  • Steel ingots (Tier 3 Metals) – 13 units;
  • Refined wood – 3 units;
  • Leather (Leathers) – 2 units.

A Star Metal Pickaxe (level 4) will become available for crafting after upgrading the workshop in the capital of your region to level 4:

  • Star Metal Ingots (Tier 4 Metals) – 14 units;
  • Refined wood – 3 units;
  • Leather (Leathers) – 2 units.

Orichalcum Pickaxe (level 5) can be crafted after upgrading the workshop in the capital of your region to level 5:

  • Orichalcum Ingots (Tier 5 Metals) – 15 units;
  • Refined wood – 3 units;
  • Leather (Leathers) – 2 units.

The Orichalcum Pickaxe is currently the best mining pick in New World.

After creating a pickaxe, press the K key, go to the Trade skills menu and click on the Mining tab. Here you will see the resources available for mining.

  1. Iron– Requires 1 skill level.
  2. Silver– Requires skill level 10.
  3. Oil– skill level 20 required.
  4. Gold– Requires level 45 skill.
  5. Alchemy stones– skill level 50 required.
  6. Starmetal– Requires level 100 skill.
  7. Magnet (Lodestone)– Requires 105 skill.
  8. Platinum– Requires 110 skill level.
  9. Orichalcum– Requires level 175 skill.

Where to find valuable ore

As soon as you increase your ore mining skill to level 25, from that moment on the compass you will observe the icons of the nearest minerals (except for stone). This will allow you to find valuable resources faster.

Each type of ore is tied to different biomes and areas. So, you can find Oil in swamps, gold and silver in caves, stones and iron in forests, as well as rare fossils – magnet, star metal and others. The rarest Orichalcum ore can be found in the northern rocky regions of Shattered Mountain, Great Cleave and Edengrove.

Where to find iron (Iron)

Iron is most commonly found in forests, swamps and plains. This resource is scattered throughout the New World in large quantities, so you will not be deficient in iron.

Where to find silver (Silver)

Unlike iron, silver is much less common in the open world. Basically, such a resource can be found in small caves and under rocks.

Where to find oil

Oil can only be obtained by exploring swamps. At the moment, large deposits of oil are located in the east, southeast and west of the global map.

Where to find gold (Gold)

Gold ore is found only in medium to large caves. Such caves are most often inhabited by high-level monsters, so before going into such caves, you should pump the level of the hero and equip good armor and weapons.

Where to find Starmetal

Such metal can be found in the Restless Shore, Mourningdale, and Great cleave regions.

Where to find a magnet (Lodestone)

This resource is scattered around the edges of the open world of New World. Use the map to find the magnet.

Where to find Platinum

It might seem like platinum is a rare resource in the game. But this is not the case. You can find platinum in large quantities in regions such as Ebonscale reach, Reekwater and the northern regions of the world.

Where to find Orichalcum

The rarest and most valuable resource in the game can be found in the eastern and northeastern parts of the world. Small deposits of orichalcum are also found in the central and northern parts of the world.


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