Nigeria Betting Regulations

Around 60 million Nigerians are estimated to be regularly betting on sports in 2020. Sports betting has undeniably become a popular pastime in the country. Many sports betting companies are now offering their services to Nigerians, allowing them to take advantage of some of the greatest betting odds available.


Punters may learn about the top online betting sites in Nigeria by visiting websites like cloudbet Nigeria. With sports betting continued popularity in Nigeria, many people are wondering what rules are in place.

What you need to know is that in Nigeria, internet sports betting is permitted. As long as you place your bets online, you won’thave to worry about getting into legal difficulties. However, numerous bookmakers now provide casino services, and internet casino gaming in Nigeria is still illegal.

Gambling Laws in Nigeria

The National Lottery Regulatory Commission oversees gambling in the nation. The rules are based on the National Lottery Act of 2025, which made the lottery legal. Other types of gambling, on the other hand, are prohibited by the Criminal Code Act of 1990. The Lagos State Lottery Law of 2004 is also utilized to regulate gaming in Lagos.

Lottery, land-based casino gaming, and sports betting are all permitted gambling activities in the country under these regulations. In the meanwhile, games like roulette, dice games, and non-skilled card games are prohibited. Slot machines are also controlled, although they can only be offered by licensed operators.

The Nigerian Lottery Commission is in charge of overseeing online gambling activity in the country. To be authorized to offer their services in the nation, online sportsbooks need to receive a license from this body.

However, no regulation in Nigeria expressly prohibits people from betting on offshore or international gaming sites. Nonetheless, the majority of online bookmakers in the nation follow the same rules and regulations as land-based casinos. In addition, they do not provide unlawful games in the nation.

Another thing to remember is that the legal gambling age in the nation is 18 years old. Bookies may impose betting limitations, but since they aren’t necessary, you may not see them on all of them.

There are no strong laws in place when it comes to transactions. Offshore bookmakers are only authorized to operate in some countries if they take the local currency. In Nigeria, however, this is not the case. Credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and USSD services are among the most widely used payment methods in Nigeria.

The National Lottery Regulatory Commission

Since the National Lottery Act of 2005, the NLRC has been in existence. They were established to oversee the operations of the country’s lottery firms. The headquarters of this organization isin Abuja. It also operates in 15 other states, including Lagos, Delta, Edo, and Kano.

The Lottery License, online and offline sports betting licenses, and promotional permits are the three types of gambling licenses that the NLRC can issue. They are the ones who ensure that the operators can complete the license application process.

The application cost is 2 million Naira, and the firm must have a share capital of at least 30 million Naira. A sports betting permit is valid for five years, and the operator must pay the NLRC and the National Lottery Trust Fund 3% of its gross monthly sales turnover.

There are now around 41 licensed businesses in the nation. This, as well as all other online casinos and applications regulated by the commission, may be found on the NLRC’s official website.

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