Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi top three biggest smartphone maker

Xiaomi passes Huawei for third place in February of 2020

Xiaomi managed to sneak into third place of the top smartphone makers in February 2020, beating Huawei for the first time ever.

Huawei relinquished its third place after shipping just 5.5 million smartphones to Xiaomi’s 6 million. Both are a steep decline from the 12.2m Huawei shipped and the 10m Xiaomi shipped in January of 2020.

Huawei shipped nearly 70% less phones in February of 2020, compared to February 2019. Xiaomi’s shipments slumped only around 30%.

In all 62m units were shipped in February 2020 – a decline of 39%, compared to 2019.

During the month of February Samsung shipped the most at 18.2m devices, followed by Apple’s 10m iPhones.

Xiaomi passes Huawei for third place in February of 2020

Huawei is losing ground outside of China because its phones lack Google apps and services, while companies like Xiaomi are pushing competitively-priced smartphones under its multiple brand names. Meanwhile the COVID-19 outbreak basically destroyed the Chinese market in February. However China is already recovering, while western markets are yet to feel the full effect.

Samsung has lost the least amount of shipments both from January to February and year over year – 1.9m units and 13%, respectively.


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