Best Loan Apps With Low Interest rate in Nigeria

Best Loan Apps With Low Interest in Nigeria


The best loan apps with low interest rates that will be listed below are popular loan apps in Nigeria, some of these loan apps are also fintech companies and digital banking apps in Nigeria, they offer the best interest rate on loans. check. Before seeking a loan via loan apps in Nigeria, one needs to confirm the list of loan apps with low interest before deciding whether the loan would be taken or not. While there are plenty of these loan apps in Nigeria, it’s hard to know which of them offers loans with low interest.

Best Loan Apps With Low Interest in Nigeria

1. Branch

Branch is a Nigeria-based company that provides personal low-interest loans and other financial services to Nigerians. This app enables anyone living or working in Nigeria, who has a bank account, to apply for instant loans and offers flexible repayment options. Some of the benefits of Branch include no credit check, no processing fee, and flexible repayment periods. it’s arguably the best you’ll get from a loan app in Nigeria. Branch is very popular and it’s one of the best loan apps with low interest rates in Nigeria.


2. FairMoney

FairMoney is one of the best instant loan apps in Nigeria that doesn’t focus on collecting collaterals, you can series of loans from FairMoney provided that your credit score is high and your details have been verified prior to registration. Additionally, FairMoney offers really competitive rates with no hidden fees, so their loans are guaranteed to save you money. With flexible repayment terms and an easy application process, FairMoney can be a great way to solve your short-term financial problems with ease.

FairMoney’s interest rate varies actually and your profile level with them will determine your interest rates, but FairMoney’s standard interest rates come from 1% to 3% per month and that’s why it’s one of the best loan apps with low interest in Nigeria.

3. Carbon

Carbon is a premier provider of instant loans for those living in Nigeria. Carbon provides flexible financing that gets people from financial crisis to financial stability. With Carbon Loans, there are no set loan terms and customers don’t need a bank account, debit card or personal guarantee to qualify.

And it’s all done right on your phone. Carbon offers repayment periods as short as three months or as long as one year with no penalty for prepayment – something nearly unheard of elsewhere. That’s why they’re known as a good digital bank and a fantastic loan app, they offer 2% per annum rates on loans.


4. Aella Credit

The Aella Credit app was designed to give anyone the ability to access a low-interest loan for their needs, regardless of credit history. When signing up for Aella Credit, you’ll only need to signup with your BVN and one of the best features of Aella Credit is that when you take loans like ₦100,000, you’ll be paying a sum of ₦115,000 under 180 days and that’s the best you’ll see from a loan app.

Aella Credit offers loan repayments from 61 days to 365 days, they offer low-interest rates from 2% to 20% on monthly loans and 22% to 264%/annum. The Aella Credit has plenty of features and it’s one of the best apps you can download on your Android and iOS device.


5. NewCredit

NewCredit is another good loan app you might consider using on your Android device, it’s a loan app that offers monthly and yearly loan services with one of the best interest rates out there. You can take months and yearly loans on NewCredit and they don’t need collateral as long as your credit score is high.

When applying for monthly loans, NewCredit will charge you nothing less than a 4% to 24% interest rate and if you’re applying for a yearly loan, you’ll get an annual interest rate of 25% to 56%. NewCredit is one of the best you can try if you’re looking for a loan app that’ll give you a small interest rate when applying for loans with them.

6. PalmCredit

The last loan app on this list is PalmCredit and there’s no doubt it’s one of the best loan apps with low interest in Nigeria, it’s a very fast loan service provider that’ll grant you loans without having to wait for days as long as you’ve provided your correct and accurate information to them. PalmCredit offers loans as low as 2,500 to 1 million depending on your credit score.

PalmCredit’s monthly loan interest rate ranges from 4% to 4.7% and sometimes 14% to 24% depending on the loan period and the amount you want to loan. Applying for loans on PalmCredit is very easy, it’s one of the best apps you can use on your Android and iOS device.


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