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The PEC is a very useful tool that will allow you to save time and money. Thanks to the PEC, in fact, you can communicate with the PA and companies and the communications will have legal value in the same way as registered letters with return receipt. But how to find a certified e-mail ? Before answering I must make a brief introduction.

Basically, certified e-mail is a certified e-mail service that will allow you to send official communications (for example a cancellation or a warning) exactly as you normally send e-mails.

Many private companies have a PEC and almost all public administration bodies have a PEC address but sometimes it is difficult to find it because there is no official archive containing the list of all the Italian PECs. In this guide I will explain how to find a pec or how to search for the pec address of companies and public administration in a simple and fast way.

In fact, what you need to know is that there are official online archives that can be consulted with all the PEC email addresses of the public administration and companies.


  • How to find a certified e-mail of companies
  • How to find a PEC of the public administration

How to find a certified e-mail of companies

To find a pec address of a company or a professional you must consult the archive of the Inipec site. Inipec is the official website of the Ministry of Economic Development. The search is extremely simple but unfortunately it requires you to enter multiple fields. Connect to the inipec home page to search

  • To find the Pec address of companies: click on the word Company and enter the name (or part of the name) in the denomination field and the province where the company is based in the provicia field
  • To find the Pec address of professionals: click on the word professionals and fill in the fields surname , professional category , province

Once you have filled in the fields click on the writing I am not a robot, fill in the reCaptcha test and click on the word Search PEC . I anticipate that most likely you will not find the PEC you are looking for with this archive because not all the PECs of companies and individuals are registered.

Alternatively, you can try by connecting to the dedicated page for pec research. Press the Search button for the PEC address of a company and on the next page enter part of the name of the company you are looking for in the text box; finally press the Search button . I anticipate that there are few companies on this site so the search will not always give the desired result.

You can also try to search the certified email address in the infoimprese archive by connecting to the page and entering the name of the company you are looking for in the first field on the left; then check the box “I’m not a robot” and press the Search button. You will receive a list with all the results found and you will then have to choose a specific item to find the desired PEC address

As an alternative to these sites that do not always offer us a valid answer, to find the pec address of a company, there is the good old google search engine ! You can try to write ” (company name) pec ” to search for the result on google, I assure you that in this way you will find many more PEC addresses than consulting the online archives.

How to find a PEC of the public administration

For the Public Administration there is a really well done archive of PEC addresses with which you can find any PEC of PA entities. The site is the Public Administration Index (iPA).

To search for a PEC address of the public administration, all you have to do is connect to the iPA home page . From here you can choose the type of search you want to carry out (by alphabetical order, by category, by region etc.).

Once the search has been carried out, just click on the word “PEC” next to the item you were looking for to view the PEC address.

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