How To Save Your Smartphone From Water Damage

How To Save Your Smartphone From Water Damage

Many phone users are afraid to keep their smartphones safe from getting damaged during. But despite our carefulness we find ourselves in situations that warrant our phone from getting damage because of water.

It is difficult to recover a phone from water damage during when such event occur, the repairing costs can leave your pockets dry or emptier.

To as many that woul like to read this article, it will help you prevent water damage.

How to prevent water damage to your smartphone.

The easiest preventative measure to protect your phone is to put it inside a ziplock bag or something similar. You can buy an inexpensive pouch from Amazon, which should do the trick. Ziplock bag prevents water damage to the phone and also lets you use the touch screen without any problems.

2. Use a transparent, good quality balloon and stretch and insert your phone into that. Get your phone inside one of them and tie a knot below. You’ll be able to still use the phone and make important or urgent call.

3. Tape all the open ends of the phone like sim tray, charging jack, headphone jack. This is to ensure all holes in the phone are covered.

How to restore phone that gets in water

1. Dont use a hairdryer at all to dry a smartphones. It will likely burn out the phone’s components in the process. To avoid such don’t do it.

2. Rice Box Method: In case your phone gets wet, don’t panic. Take your mobile and put it in a ziplock or plastic container filled with dry uncooked rice to absorb all the liquid inside your phone overnight. It’s better to change the phone’s position at intervals until you go to sleep. This can help water left inside your phone to run down.
Silica bags can also be used instead of rice because they are also a good absorber.

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